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Business Deal by Lady FoxFire
Summary: It's apocalypse season again and this time Buffy might have an ace in the hole.
A trading demon has offered her an item that could help her stop; it won't stop
this threat but will make it easier. The item they want in trade for this
special item is Xander.

Willow and Buffy research the demons that want to make the trade and discover
that the race is not dangerous to human and have been know to take human mates.
The girls figure that Xander is such a demon magnet that the trading demon want
him for the same reason every other demon want him for.

Now once the trading demon get Xander they trade/sell him to a group (humans or
demons) who wish to use Xander in their ritual.

Strapped down to the alter Xander waits to be scarifice while some hunters
(Winchesters) arrive to stop the scarifice.

Once the ritual was stopped the older man in the group (John or Bobby) says that
they should take Xander to the hosiptal. Xander says 'No. They might find me'
When asked who might find him, Xander replied, my friends, they gave me to them.
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