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Charmed Hellmouth by Doodle

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On Halloween in Season 2, Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia get turned into Phoebe, Paige, and Piper, Xander get turned into Leo, Angel into Coop, Giles into Gideon, and Jenny into Patty Halliwell.

-They -must- have a complete Book of Shadows, with blank pages to write in

-Their must be doll versions of toddler Wyatt and baby Chris

-Joyce and Jenny must be either Patty Halliwell and Penny (Grams) Halliwell

-Xander gets turned into the Elder/Avatar version of Leo with all of both the Elders' collective knowledge and powers, along with all of the Avatars' collective knowledge and powers

-Gideon -must- be Good

-They must have complete control over their powers and they are fully developed

-They -must- have their own plane/realm of existence, like Elder land, Valhalla island or Magic School. Or they can have their own sub-dimension that is an exact replica of Earth but they are the only ones there. They have complete control over how much time passes there

-All of them must keep -everything- they got from the spell

-They are all Immortal, because, what's the point of having control of how many years pass in their own dimension/plane/realm of existence and get old from being there?

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