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Ascended Hellmouth by Doodle

On Halloween, Xander loses a bet and has to dress as a Octopus-like costume. Instead of a Squid, he turns into an Ascended Ancient version of himself. While he is transforming into his costume, his costume needed extra Energy to finish the transformation, so it absorbs the "endless" Energy of the Hellmouth, and because it has links to all of the other Hellmouths around the World he ends up absorbing those too, making him a literal Ascended Hellmouth.

-Because Xander tranformed into an Ascended on his own(the way he subconsiously absorbed the Hellmouth energies to complete the transformation under his own power, even if did do it unconsiously/subconsiously), the Ascended Ancients/Alterans can't get involved with him, I mean they can get involved with him but not in the "You can't use your powers in the lower planes to help(etc...)" and their whole "non-interference" policy, because he wasn't technically Ascended by them. Basically, he can start his own Ascended Group, with it's own rules and regulations.

-There -have- to be real Gods and Goddesses, not just Ascended Ancients/Alterans pretending to be them, like the Ascended Ancient/Alteran Janus.

-The Powers that Be have to be fakes, they only want balance because it keeps them in charge. If there is only balance and neither good or evil can win, then they can still be in charge.

-When Xander gets Ascended because of the costume he gets the status of an Elder God

-When Xander interferes on the Hellmouth, it's only as a last result, otherwise he would be just as evil as the bad guys, what with not letting them get fulfullment for a job well done, or, Xander could have made a clone of himself and set it loose in Sunnydale that has his memories up until he transforms into his costume and he just alters their memories so that things contunie like they did in the series only with an occasional help here and there, while he's elsewhere in the Galaxy, getting things ready for the SGC.

-(A) Xander has to secretly go back in time to when they were setting up the constituion of the U.S. and have them make the SGC officially independent from the US Governent in his time, and its own unlimited funding, etc..., that he won't let anyone know about until when they(The N.I.D. through Kinsey) try to excert their "supposed" authority over SGC. And everything from Cheyanne(?) Mountain, all the way too the Antartica Outpost. Or, he can have the Founders of the U.S. make an independent section of the U.S. Government totally dedicated to Aliens, like England had the Watcher's Council there for Magic. George Washington could have even been an Ex-Watcher if you want him to be, and he could have even put it somewhere in the Decleration or Constition about a Slayer getting the highest clearence level possible, and diplimatic immunity.

-Because of the nature of the Hellmouth, Xanders power is literally endless, he gets the memories and knowledge of anyone and everyone who has ever been in contact with a Hellmouth, and when one is destroyed, he gets/absorbs that endless amount of energy

-For anyone who wants to put Dawn in, they have to have her an Ascended Key, even if she did unconsiously pick a Green Octopus costume that matchs the Green color of the Key.

-Xander and Dawn, -have- to have their own dimension/plane of existence/realm/etc..., that is protected from any and all threats, kinda like a safe haven like the Elders realm is/was in Charmed.

-Any number of crossovers you want.

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