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BtVS/HP or BtVS/HP/SGA Crossover by SarahR

OK, I posted this challenge on the group in Jan. and figured I should put it here too. Message #33064 to find all the comments about the challenge on the group.

I would like some more Xander in the HP world. Here are some choices for who to pair him with: Neville, Harry, Remus, Severus, Fred, George, Fred&George, Charlie, Bill.

An easy way to have him meet many of these people is that when he is in Africa he met Bill on one of his digs. And then either they get together that way, or he brings him home with him and that's how he meets the rest of the Weasleys. And maybe that's when he meets Harry, Remus and Neville.

A way for him to meet Severus is on one of the digs he got poisoned by some trap because he went with Bill, and they need Severus to make an antidote. There could even be complications because of all the things he's been exposed to over the years. (Syphilis, mermaid taint, botched spells, spells he didn't know were on him, the time Willow almost killed him on the bluffs...)

And another bunny: What if while in Africa, Xander stumbles on to something at the old Stargate site and it activates something on Atlantis and the city wants to find him, but can't. (not enough power)

Maybe he has the ATA gene in spades since he's a Hellmouth child. Maybe the Hellmouth amplifies or keeps the gene pure in it's decedents. (I don't know about this. Maybe you can think of something else you explain the almost pure ATA gene in him.)

Thanks, and bye!

Sarah R.

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