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Chaos by Doodle

Crossover Challenge of Percy Jackson, Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Someone from the Xena reality ends up in the Percy Jackson reality. Preferably someone with Powers and is Good and not evil, either a Demi-God or a God/Goddess.

It would be funny to see what Strife could get up to in the Percy Jackson series/reality. Or maybe Joxer, he could have been made a God then was trying out/practicing his powers and somehow ends up in the Percy Jackson reality, since he causes a lot of Chaos no matter how small, or maybe both Strife and Joxer get stuck there.

It would also be funny if Xander was thrown there too.

There was never any Twilight of the Gods, or Eve, or anything of the sort. They only did that plot-line because the actress was pregnant at the time.

Joxer: God of Peace and Chaos. Or something along those lines.

It has to be light hearted, during a time of peace in the series, maybe to just before Percy says No to godhood.

Sometime during the story Strife conjures up some Ambrosia and a bowl of Golden Apples to teach Joxer how to conjure some and Percy accidentally eats some.

Anything else is fine.

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