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City Ship of Olympus by Doodle

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It's logical that since the Alterans had City Ships for Camelot and Atlantis, that since we don't know anything about the Furlings' that the Furlings' could have had their own versions of City Ships, and thus: The Furling City Ship Olympus.

Xander, Buffy, Willow and a passing Amy, Oz, and Cordelia get drafted by Snyder to dress as mythological figures.

Instead of doing -exactly- that, Xander(Comic book geek) and Willow(Hacker and Science expert for Buffy arrived) in honor of Jesse, a Sci-Fi and Fantasy geek, decide to add futuristic objects to their groups costumes, thus giving the spell a basis in the past to empower the group based on their portrayals of their Godly/Alteran/or/Ferling namesake.

When the spell ends they either stay on Earth(The group as a whole gradually leave Sunnydale due to their empowerments effects on the balance of the Hellmouth(Their also basically given gradually free-reign everywhere but where a Hellmouth is by the other Higher Beings/Heavens/Gods/Whoever/Whatever/Wherever.) or something happens that lands the group elsewhere in the Galaxy(Milky Way, Pegasus, or both) where they basically have free-reign.

Xander: Ares
Buffy: Artemis(Nip that Angel losing his soul thing to pieces)
Willow: Athena(For strategy)
Amy: Hecate
Cordelia: Aphrodite(So that if they do get their own followers/minions, so they can keep them calm and peaceful indefinitely)
Oz: Apollo
Dawn: (Pick for yourself)
(And anyone else who you can get in a costume among the group. Giles and Jenny too if you want.)

--They get access to the City Ship Olympus.

--So that it isn't an immediate Power-Up and a really boring fic really fast, they all have to gradually adjust to the Powers, Abilities, Skills, ect, that they all become enhanced with.

--They all -must- have:
*the ability to teleport,
*photographic memory and,
*A limited(growing gradually as the fic goes on or as they become accustomed to the power/ability) awareness/"Omniscience in their domain and/or area of influence" and of their followers/minions in the back of their minds. (An example of this can be found in anotherlostsoul's "Thunder over Smallville: Book One" 'Chapter 46 – Metamorphosis I'. The divine awareness part describes what I'm trying to explain, anotherlostsoul describes it perfectly, with the above characters gradually growing more aware of everything within their domain and sphere of influence.)

--They can also all have a slight empowerment from prayers and worship that grows as they grow accustumed to their empowerments.

--Depending on the different crossovers(Examples: Charmed, Harry Potter, Xena/Herc, ect), any other powers or abilities can be consulted at my forum on

I've found that/those to be (a) helpful guide(s) to base powers off of.

Not to be included:
The comics after Season 7 of Buffy and Season 5 of Angel.

--Dawns involvement.
--If you cross with Charmed: the Charmed comics.

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