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Alternative Third Year by kittydrenden


Summer after Acathla whilst Buffy is away and the others are distracted – Xander acts in his own and the innocent town citizens best interests as he doesn't like the actions and inactions of the gang so far

[Side Note: Could of lost a secret boyfriend as well as blood brother Jesse to night life = Vampires/Dirty Parts Selling Doctor]

= Finishes creating his own secret Digital Supernatural library by safely scanning Giles and the Town books

= Goes and gets a full legit medical, cleansing ritual and several warding Tattoos in LA

= Clears out all of the town Caches – either Sells, Trades, Keeps, Returns or Destroys [Weapons, Books, Artefacts, Valuables, Cursed Items, Odds-Ends]

= Invites the Strongest, Strictest and most Realistic American coven to take care of ALL of Sunnydale magic users &/or dabblers where they end up either Killed, Healed, Adopted or Magic Burnt Away {Tara, Amy, Jonathan, Michael, Andrew, Rack, Willow...etc}

= Sells human secrets with proof to various government agencies regarding the town and its citizens [Mayor Office, Schools, Hospitals, Police & Fire Departments, CPS....etc] after ensuring his own legal safety [Rocket Launcher Theft and anything else]


Town = Audited, Reviewed, Cleased, Blessed, Rebuilt....etc every which way from Sunday

Citizens = Either Arrested, Killed, Fired, Warned, Witness Protection, Voluntarily Moves...etc

Supernatural Community = Being dealt with by Hunters/Vatican &/Or Van Hellsing teams due to being alerted by the coven

Just imagine Buffy reactions when she gets home

Willow = Possibly Bound[Soul Curse - Black Magic & bad Ethics] and Arrested[Bad Hacking]

Giles = Possibly out of the librarian job [Occult/Supernatural Library is not friendly kids reading and he's kinda anti-social]

Oz = Possibly Moved in with a Peaceful Rural Lycan Pack somewhere else getting some needed training maybe

Classmates = Retested and Resorted based on actual modern day Academic standards and not Sunnydale 50's standards

Supernatural Community = Could consider her a non-issue compared to the proactive Vatican/Van Hellsing teams

Xander = End up a Emancipated Minor or finding Real family [possibilities a member of SGC/A, Numb3rs, Supernatural, Charmed, Criminal Minds....etc]

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