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It Won't End Like This by Sarimdragon3

Buffy the Vampire Slayer X NCIS X Numb3ers crossover


Things get worse and the light side is losing. Xander has already lost his eye from the evil preacher. Xander is give a book from his parents in a moment of soberly that had been in the family from his mother side. It is up to you what is in the book but one thing. There has to be either a spell or ritual that only the White Knight/'The One Who Sees' and his wolf protector can use to change things for the better.


*Xander and Oz meet the roman gods

*The gods are mad at The Powers To Be...can be any reason

*Xander and Oz must be given powers from at least 2 or 3 god/goddesses

 *Xander must be submissive to at least 3 males from the show, Oz can be one of the doms.

*they come back after Cordelia breaks up with Xander but before the love spell. Besides the memories and gifts both Xander and Oz have the scars they had in the future. Ex. Scar mark age around Xander's eye but no eye problem.

*They work together with Gibb's group and Eppes' group to have back up with corrupt and Rouge military groups before the graduation and after how ever you like.

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