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A Mouse Problem (Xander/Biker Mice) by Lady FoxFire

The Slayers have been spread across the global in order to fight evil. Some of them even settled in Chicago were they report back the have a mouse problem, a demon mouse problem.

It seems as if the Chi town has a case of Sunnydale forgetfulness. The citizen of the city ignore the mice destroying public and private properties, disrupting traffic, ball games and other forms of entertainment. The mice have been known to eat all of the food in restaurants too. And the biggest sin the mice have done was ruin a girls brand new outfit and her new shoes.

Well since Xander is the one who deal with any mouse problem at Slayer center, Buffy decides he would be the best one to send to deal with these little mice.

Of course someone forgets to tell Xander these mouse walk on two legs, ride motorcycle and can talk.

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