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A Xander Wish by kittydrenden

What if instead of Xander & Amy doing the botched love spell, Xander says a wish that gets answered, after all if there are wish demons for scorned women there should be ones for scorned men

Possibilities = Cordelia

- Spends life as a empathic foreign aid worker

- She becomes the mother of a dozen down to earth fashion hating children

- Spends her life as a celibate Nun

Think of all that could then happen or not happen as the case may be as a result of the wish 

Then there are all the other possible wishes

Willow: 1) bound from doing ANY kind of harm unless in TRUE self defence of others or herself, 2) to loose everything and is forced to EARN everything back whilst working a honest job, doing community service, hunting, training, college...

Giles: To always see the unbiased truth no matter the person or situation

Buffy: 1) undergoes NAVY SEAL training, 2) fully accept ALL aspects of herself without whining, 3) to loose then be forced to her back her abilities the hard way, 4) to permanently loose her abilities and have a career as a cop...

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