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A Rather Simple Job (Xander/Riddick) by Lady FoxFire

Riddick has had a long life. He has fulfilled the prophecy and has leaded the Necromonger to their destiny. And now as Riddick approaches his next great adventure, he's soul is stolen by the Power That Be.

After forming a new body for Riddick, the Power That Be inform that him that they have a job for him and if he completes the job then when he dies the next time he will be allowed to pass on. But if he does not complete the job for them then the consequence will be unpleasant.

The job is rather simple, Riddick needs to kill the Slayer's White Knight, kill Xander Harris.

Of course the Power That Be have forgotten a number of important things like Xander is very hard to kill and that Riddick follows his own rules and not someone else.

So while the Power That Be plot the next course of action for after Xander's untimely death the higher Gods make beats on how long the Power That Be will live before Xander and Riddick come after them

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