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Always a Guide, Never a Sentinel (Xander/Sentinel/Any) by Lady FoxFire
Summary:  was rereading Vo's 'A Child to Guide Them' when I started to think of all the
fic in Xander was cross with the Sentinel and then cross with something else.
And I realized that in a majority of them Xander ends up being the Guide while
some other character from another series ends up as the Sentinel.

And then I though what series have I yet to see cross with Sentinel… answer
Supernatural… and puff twin bunnies were born; one named Easy and the other
named Hard.

Easy Bunnie - Sometime before or during Supernatural Dean become a Sentinel.
(Ok I admit it I'm a Dean-girl so I picked him but come on doesn't Sam have
enough on his shoulders lets not add on being a Sentinel to the list) Of course
Sam notice that his big brother is having problems so of course he researches
and discovers Blair's paper.

How you find out that Xander is a Guide and gets him hooked up with Dean is up
to you.

Hard Bunnie - Xander is the Sentinel and Dean is his Guide.

What makes this hard is I have no clue how to set this up but you also have to
deal with Dean not wanting to be the Guide and resisting his Sentinel. Dean is
not someone who wants to 'stay in the truck' but would rather lead the attack.
Also because of how he grew up, Dean is emotionally closed off to almost
everyone so he would have problems being there for Xander at times.

Of course in either bunnie if John Winchester is still alive he would think that
his son has been curse and will try to save him.
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