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Big Brother Xander by kittydrenden

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Xander tired of the treatment he recieves at the hands of the Harris's and without the knowledge of the other Scoobies - packs what he truly needs & values from his parents & old McNally's homes, and soon becomes a leader of sunnydale only safe & viable, although illegal, group home when he squats in one of Sunnydale larger abandoned houses which soon becomes filled with other abused/neglected/victimized kids he noticed needing help - everyone ends up supporting & protecting each other even as they all heal, catchup to normal non-sunnydale education standards, learn some necessary life skills such as basic cooking/household & car maintenance & repairs/self defence, work part time to pay for food & other expenses....etc   

Kids Possiblities = Andrew, Jonathan, Amy, Michael, Larry....

Categories: Buffy/Angel Crossovers, Buffy/Angel Stories
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