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Alexander Grimm by kittydrenden

Xander as a good Person & Grimm thanks to the positive influence/support of a family of open-minded Jagarbar's AKA The McNally Family who were murdered pre series by his Grimm grandfather and who he accidently killed in return unknowingly setting off the Grimm family legacy. Ends up becoming a strong protector of innocent Wesen and Humans without the knowledge of Angel, Buffy, Giles or Willow who thanks to his natural and accurate profiling abilities was/is never as close to them as on the show, leading to a bigger gap between them all a lot sooner.

Finds out he has possible relative/s {e.g. Sean Renard(half brother) &/or Nick Burkhardt(cousin)} who are not abusive, alcoholics or serial killers and either goes searching or they find/rescue him.

Categories: Buffy/Angel Crossovers > Other TV
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