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Anything For The Next Hit by Lady FoxFire

When you're addicted to something you'll do almost pay any price, do anything for your next hit.

When the Powers That Be realize that Willow has become addicted to Dark Magic they realized they had the perfect opportunity to kill off two birds with one stone.

The plan was simple; they would give Willow a chance to get a really good hit of magic in exchange for doing a spell. The agent to the PTB told Willow the spell was to protect a loved one when in reality the spell would send Xander out of the realm that the PTB ruled, never to return.

The agent supplied Willow the items she need for the spells which are thing that Xander had lost, were stolen or Anya had sold.

The PTB were not interested in whether or not if Xander survived wherever he was sent, just so he was forever out of their way. The rulers of whatever realm he arrived in can do whatever they want to him.

The magic hit the PTB will supply will be too much for Willow to handle and will either burn out her magic pathways so that she will never be able to use magic again or kill her.


The realm that Xander ends up in will be the author who takes this fic.

(Yeah I know it's not much of a fic but it's a good set up for a crossover in which you don't' want to involve magic later on. Possible crossover includes the Charmed Ones, StarGate SG-1 or Riddick's universe (Pitch Black) I just think that people don't use Willow's addiction to the full potential.)

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