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DCIS, House and Holmes (DCIS/Sherlock Holmes) by Lady FoxFire

A while back Katrina challenged me to write a Xander meets Sherlock Holmes bunnie with time travel... well I was going to until my bunnies bite me HARD. I've been writing ever since.

Now Katrina challenge has always been at the back of my mind waiting for it's chance. So not to long ago while reread DCIS I started to thinking... if enough people believe in something it becomes real (Hell House from Supernatural and from other works of fiction) And I know that some people believe Holmes is real and some people actual write letters to him.

So what would happened to Sherlock Holmes suddenly becomes real? I can imagine the local law enforcement would call DCIS. Now Holmes would be returned to base where this poor Victorian age man would have to deal with Slayers, female cops, modern age, Xander and House.

I can see House and Holmes getting along like Nitroglycerin and a sudden stop

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