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Demon Consort by Lady FoxFire

There is word circling the hunter community of a human who consorts with demons on a regular basic.

It is said that the man willing sleeps with them. That he lived with a vampire that was famed for kill everyone in an orphanage. That he works with a sorcerer and witch that raises demons and the dead for their own enjoyment and use. And that the man work with young girls who are possessed by demons and he does nothing to help from the girls from their horrible fate

And finally it is said that in exchange for the ability to see the future he allowed his eye to be removed so he could help the demon possessed girls to fulfill their dark goals.

The hunting community decide the best thing to do with such a evil person is to kill him, so now it's all hands out to end this bastard's life before he ends the world.

Categories: Buffy/Angel Crossovers > Supernatural
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