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Congratulations! It's a boy. (v2) by karinms
Summary: Xander jumps time/dimension for some reason and ends up related to a kinder Dark Lord Voldemort.
The reasons could be because magic-SNAFU, Darth Willow, an enemy mage/demon attack, closing Glory's portal using Dawn's blood, sacrificing his soul to protect Dawn, a wish etc.

Timeline during Voldemort's rise to power ('70s) or shortly before: Voldemort's familytree is updated. The goblins (or Ministry) send out an automated "congratulations on the new heir"-owl. Only works if Voldemort isn't quite as dark or deranged as in the original timeline/dimension, since he'll accept Xander as family for some arrogant reason and Xander agrees (or doesn't have a choice depending on his age). Maybe Dumbledore never defeated Grindelwald or if he did, he took over as the new Dark Lord. Maybe Voldemort is still a Dark Lord but not as quick to kill and never split his soul. Since it's a new dimension (and time) lots of things and people could be different from the original.

Xander could be deaged by a few years or several years, look the same, be healed, lose a few scars, be related to several key persons besides Lord Voldemort, gain magic by being hurt by Darth Willow, unlock his magic abilities by jumping dimension etc
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