Imagine: The List
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Reviewer: voracity (Signed) · Date: 2015.01.05 12:54 am · On: Chapter 1

we need more. much much more. a whole lots more.

Reviewer: Katrina (Signed) · Date: 2010.03.01 04:27 am · On: Chapter 4

Does he want mustard with his hat?

Reviewer: Lady FoxFire (Signed) · Date: 2010.02.10 02:25 am · On: Chapter 4

Bobby's going to need ketchup!   LOL

Reviewer: samsas (Signed) · Date: 2010.02.09 03:52 am · On: Chapter 1

Go for it Josette!

So is Xander going to be House's newest pet project?


Reviewer: catsim (Signed) · Date: 2010.02.08 01:54 am · On: Chapter 4

Whoa!  Straps herself in tightly. This is going to be some ride!  whoohoo!



Reviewer: erik (Signed) · Date: 2010.02.07 09:46 pm · On: Chapter 4

Will he still have to eat the hat with House as the higher being because I am sure he has been described as a demon even when he was a normal person.

Great chapter.

Reviewer: erik (Signed) · Date: 2010.02.07 09:34 pm · On: Chapter 3

A well written example of one of my favorite crossovers, thanks.

Reviewer: DennSedai (Signed) · Date: 2010.02.07 08:17 pm · On: Chapter 3

*snickers and giggles* More please....pretty please with House, Xander and Chase on a bed together please ;-)

Reviewer: DennSedai (Signed) · Date: 2010.02.07 08:13 pm · On: Chapter 1

*snicker, snort, giggles* 'sings in shower' Oh damn, and how do you know that oh dear darling Gregory?

Reviewer: Jack4Will (Signed) · Date: 2010.02.07 01:37 pm · On: Chapter 3

*snickers* Oh man I am so looking forward to more of this one. Though I am doubting the two spoiled ass bitches will ever learn anything about Xan. Only Cordy ever seemed to notice about Xan and Dawnie. Tara might have but is to shy to really say something though I wouldn't be surprised that she will soon say something.

House is as a new Power is going to be so much fun. *waits for the next chapter*

Reviewer: Xocoatldreams (Signed) · Date: 2010.02.07 04:27 am · On: Chapter 3

rolflmao  That last line was awesome.  Did he really thing House would ever change?

Reviewer: Neverwill (Signed) · Date: 2010.02.07 03:38 am · On: Chapter 3

I think House should offer Xander a position.  He has Chase for some things, but Xander can handle a whole other field of things for him and be as effective with smacking 'Champions' and their minions upside the head.

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