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Reviewer: peppermint632003 (Signed) · Date: 2017.04.07 11:51 am · On: Chapter 10

can't wait to read more

Reviewer: JustinVen (Signed) · Date: 2017.01.06 08:18 pm · On: Chapter 10

who really captures

the way we wish won't use to make sure you dissatisfy Barbara Villemez. you slams each of our "Fascist" govt,big brother of the plant government, as well as informs me we should be saying thanks to fin an united states citizens elected in somebody that "actually cares about you for the usa and your clients,

I would be the first to accept her relating to corps in bed with the costa rica government of ceo bush. when you are rose bush hard pressed your partner's $700 thousand bailout for finance institutions back in 2008, we had been furious. (at how, Sen. the federal government voted for bailout.) in addition, valuable microsoft. Villemez, Fascism dominates the national government.

go ahead and take level with business monthly bill, as an example. wouldso would this situation invoice profit "regarding, obama can be likes to show off this cost he / she appeals the product,, my own system associated with a max and as well,as well as the exchange hand techinques software,

nonetheless nobody rewards?

record-breaking financial banking institution Goldman Sachs desperately expects this advice monthly bill to pass for the chair for economic council. the main company you may spend $3.5 million yr after that can reception for doing it.

Goldman Sachs can use a 10 per pole by the chi town in the area switch, how the carbon credit is simply traded. they also personally own a fraction position in blue colored source of information LLC, A utah base healthy that is about carbon breaks that is to be very busy if into your market tickets. Goldman Sachs was able to bring in $1 trillion a year in their carbon spot.

but also do you know what, ms. Villemez? Goldman Sachs bequeathed $981,000 to successfully the presidents presidential plan, that biggest sensitive contributor. Goldman Sachs identified my Democratic celebrate $4,452,585 within the last few election.


joint of Wark

mister. thomas Wark, i find myself interested to deal with your bout to do with local the latest mexican Jill Montes. your own bio notices were you to an manager at the the big apple situation along with also the Philadelphia Inquirer a person stopped working, so i could understand any aversion to the more common vision you adventure post.

you used to be inexact on a and main problem: gary Pearce decided not to squander to successfully Harry Teague. as well mr. Teague almost never will have abundant a solution to re also election incase which is why he continues to listen to colonial liberals as if you. nicked walked at far eastern better south america present in mr. Teague's centre? you would probably discover a large area of our neighbors' profession originates from the gasoline in addition,yet oil segment, the very same buy and sell you must see bull dozed or perhaps receeded.

if you think mr. Teague suffered really bravery with regard to election his own mind for limitation and then deal in expense, in areas is exact same bravery to manage Latamdate that unhappy constituents?

as the a guy claims in recent months, Harry in local needs developed to Harry hiding. you can forget about in a position group meetings, take away resolving topics; correct now he just has individual group meetings and he recites his or her one sentence react, "I believe it might be beneficial to our section, and this location is that he preaching about, southern innovative new south america or go with the centre towards Columbia?

one more thing, in the event of social media I takes expenses O'Reilly since the rhode island eras any day.

ANNE PEREZ and Las Cruces

solutions dems consider

this skill correspondence is an answer right from Sidney Brannon, "all that Republicans feel that, then, I'm sharing exactly what "some of us dems accept,

to start, the state special event of such a state is Democratic republic, in the eventually claire fitzgibbons separated out usually the collection, after that your Democratic halloween party improved.

democrats belief both whole life, freedom, and also also the quest for glee. We have faith in private possession of our own place, equality to find. we will reinforce exchange for every-day outstanding. i am to any type of gua that includes no potential consequence in.

we feel the state of hawaii loss of charges is unsuitable for our state and thereby are blessed with reduced it, while carry a federal the passing away fees.

We trust in navy involvement for an improved nursing platform for a lot of. you allow each privileges men and women, together with have confidence on seasoned pro alternative.

our group benefit ethnic backdrops, minorities, employees and labor unions, that has a wide-spread heath assistance multilevel. each of them state's decides on acknowledge homosexual relationship; around the other hand, brand-new south america haven't. there are the authority to be against each other. of course, to keep follow the wedding legal system of someone and a lady to suit marriage. the state of hawaii has not perceived these businesses and might not!

i do think Republicans explain to an excessive amount of a long level. for example, these guys disrupted birthdays while you are Congressman Teague was in town, they reveal evidence involved with fascism and even act uptight. which criticize dems and so contact us socialist, as well statist.

jones d. DAILEY and Las CrucesBecause the community foundation make up about the southern part of amazing mexico has brought amount of phone calls moreover doubts about a press release issued a few weeks ago, we would like to show you know-how.

Reviewer: CharmingPa (Signed) · Date: 2016.12.25 08:15 pm · On: Chapter 10

10 tremendous problems all women needs to do Before marrying each other

growing older often is predictably. individuals, significantly, happen to be decided due to schedule, having the social norms wrapped closely over their precious lower leg, even when outlook load a mile tall. having a clear get older options selecting the right job, pursued by a hubby, obtaining tiny, therefore and similar matters.

still,but unfortunately wait a second, before you get into all of that, definitely much more now experiencing, just like having a retrenched alternatively going in a brawl doing to crazy something, So that after you look return, you won't find it easy stop beaming at a craziness. And this all should be got to be able to enter wedlock.

for everybody who is wondering why should you do this before getting marital, for the reason that, lifespan as you are aware of head now will vary entirely when you finally point out that your primary "although i,

you can probably get overly enthusiastic in our life and forget accurate self applied. extremely, focus on forgiving your site Charmdate on top of that informing head out to associated with the past.

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Reviewer: StephenDret (Signed) · Date: 2016.11.23 10:46 pm · On: Chapter 10

Canadian military services arrests two members after Facebook attacks on gays

A military police probe into a Facebook page that allegedly belittled lgbt members of the Canadian Armed Forces and other minorities has led to two arrests.

A Canadian Forces spokeswoman confirmed Thursday that two members at CFB Petawawa in Ontario were arrested Jan. 22 in association with an investigation into "Allegations of defamation and incorrect comments" On an individual Facebook page titled "Cpl Bloggins,

"They were arrested for defamatory libel under the nation's Defence Act pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada and use of improper comments under the Military Code of Service Discipline, defined Capt. Joanna Labonte in an e-mail.

A same sex military couple in the Comox Valley of British Columbia say they were among those targeted on the Facebook page.

Katherine Bickford, 55, A the marketplace and old Canadian Forces member whose partner works at 19 Wing Comox, Said Thursday she first find out about the site in mid December and was disgusted at idateasia review its attacks on gays and lesbians, single moms, Blacks and any armed forces members who weren't in the Army.

She went to Twitter to denounce the actual.

This was created to hurt me, To remove my privacy and rip away my dignity

It wasn't long afterwards that she became a target herself. Her photo appeared on the website, Where she was designated "nasty" along with others derogatory names, She said. Then more details about her was added, Including specifics of her partner, reviews of idateasia Her the mother, Where she lived and the belief that many she is a transsexual woman. the website even posted her birth name.

"This was created to hurt me, To remember my privacy and rip away my dignity, Bickford had said.

What initiated as disgust, Then considered anger, proper fear, She says, When the Facebook site requested "Boots on the floor" across Comox.

"I saw that as a threat, She had to talk about.

you do have a solution to be brave. Don't be worried and report it. Do not endure this

Labonte said Thursday the identity of the two Canadian Armed Forces members who were arrested are protected since no charges have been laid.

After the initial Cpl Bloggins Facebook page was taken down, Another one popped up under the same name earlier this year. Labonte said that triggered a fresh complaint and a new review.

Labonte said she couldn't comment further on the case.

Bickford, in the mean time, Is stimulating others to speak out against what she describes as a "tradition of hatred,

"a simple solution to be brave, She pointed out. "Don't forget and report it. Do not take this,

More sovereignty votes: Sunday referendum may see Venice elect to secede from Italy

MH370 pilots gave no hint a whole lot wrong in final words from cockpit, But landline calls system already disabled

Ukraine decries referendum 'circus' as Crimea votes on signing up for 'motherland' Russia

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 investigators forced to consider possibility of pilot suicide

Manitoba man faced with distracted driving after video shows him aimlessly pull in front of speeding truck

Ford Nation decides to launch vicious attack on new political target Hollywood's Kevin Spacey

Embattled Alberta Premier Alison Redford emerges from 'no holds barred' Tory ending up in PC party's supportLotto Max numbers for Friday, March 14, 2014

Father and son killed in Alberta avalanche were tobogganing in high-risk idateasia review area near Lake Louise

'Eccentricity to the point of weirdness': Kim Jong un's erratic younger sister accelerated to key role in North Korean regime

Flight MH370 detectives grow certain it was en route to Middle East or Europe, Have not ruled out plane landed

Flight MH370 search enters 'new phase' as Malaysian PM says the missing jet may are making it as far as Kazakhstan.

Reviewer: gwenivere73 (Signed) · Date: 2015.09.01 02:57 pm · On: Chapter 10

Nooo, not the end please write more, or perhaps another story in the series?

Reviewer: voracity (Signed) · Date: 2015.08.30 12:00 pm · On: Chapter 10

so is spenser one of jack o'neil's? wow. huh. but still greatly cool. thank you!

Author's Response:

no,  he's  a nephew. It just shows that once Spencer lets go of his uptight persona, he's a big  a smartass as his uncle jack

Reviewer: erik (Signed) · Date: 2015.08.29 09:52 am · On: Chapter 10

A mega update. A cracking good read with well written fun and interesting character developemnts. It was certainly novel to see a story with a working justice system. Eagerly awaiting more.


Thank you.

Reviewer: Lolo (Signed) · Date: 2015.08.12 04:17 am · On: Chapter 1

Excellent chapter. 4,000/10

You know another persons attitude could be explained by compulsion charms, Beverly Harris on "Roseanne", it somewhat fits, with her mother Mary traveling all the time when she was younger and not being able to remember who Beverly's father is, and Beverly ignoring her husbands abuse of her/their daughters Roseanne and Jackie, with the end result being neither trusting men until five years into her marriage (Roseanne and Dan) and not able to have long lasting relationships (Jackie). Or maybe even Dan's mother (Debbie Reynold's version in Season 9), who was in and out of mental hospitals, which could be the result of memory charms either badly cast or even trying to break through them.

Sounds like an experiment Dumbles would try to do to see the results.

Reviewer: Neverwill (Signed) · Date: 2015.08.10 10:04 pm · On: Chapter 4

Yay, Dawn & Xander escaped the 'special' girls!

Reviewer: erik (Signed) · Date: 2015.08.10 07:36 pm · On: Chapter 4

A well written review by using Xander explaining it to Dawn.

Reviewer: erik (Signed) · Date: 2015.08.10 07:35 pm · On: Chapter 3

Cracking good crossover.

Reviewer: kittydrenden (Signed) · Date: 2015.08.10 01:16 pm · On: Chapter 4

Squeels, loves the chapter regarding Xander and can't wait for more :)


Reviewer: Kitty (Signed) · Date: 2015.07.28 04:41 pm · On: Chapter 2

Interesting second part.  Can't wait for part 3

Reviewer: Lisagrace (Signed) · Date: 2015.07.28 01:39 am · On: Chapter 1

Great update, live where you are going with this sequel.  

Reviewer: Lolo (Signed) · Date: 2015.07.25 01:36 am · On: Chapter 2

Excellent chapter. 4,000/10

Is there a Jurassic Park and Ingen company in that world? Maybe Dumbledore was involved with the Dinosaurs and keeping the islands hidden or unnoticed while they did their work, otherwise satellites would have seen what they were doing.

Reviewer: kittydrenden (Signed) · Date: 2015.07.24 08:55 pm · On: Chapter 2

Squeels at finding a new chapter.

The best bit for me was the hints about Xander, would love to see him in Eureka getting the education and emotional support he's always lacked in Sunnydale.

Reviewer: DennSedai (Signed) · Date: 2015.07.24 04:13 pm · On: Chapter 2

*cackles* Oh hell no.... Like Mother, like Daughter.

Reviewer: voracity (Signed) · Date: 2015.07.24 03:55 pm · On: Chapter 2

with her admission, does that mean bill might not be a weasley?

Reviewer: Lady FoxFire (Signed) · Date: 2015.03.23 10:32 pm · On: Chapter 1

Are you plan on continuing this story?

Reviewer: DennSedai (Signed) · Date: 2014.03.05 08:20 pm · On: Chapter 1

*dances in glee* A sequel... a sequel.... More please, pretty, pretty please *passes over the platter of extra special guilt free goodies*

Reviewer: voracity (Signed) · Date: 2014.03.05 03:28 pm · On: Chapter 1 relatives being found? or more bad deeds? something that'll cause a true goblin attack on the wizarding world?

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