Imagine: The List
Fic posted by members of Vo's Imaginings YahooGroup
Reviewer: samsas (Signed) · Date: 2015.01.01 10:14 pm · On: Chapter 1

I really like the twist of Xander using the possessions/haunting to his advantage.

Author's Response: if it had went on, where i wanted it to go, he could've sucked up someone necessary to go hunting. but i'm glad you liked it a lot. vo

Reviewer: CaliaDragon (Signed) · Date: 2014.05.30 04:11 am · On: Chapter 1

I loved this one and how Xander was so awesome and sassy with everyone while still being polite to the people who he asked for help.  I hope Willow gets the wake up call she needs.




Author's Response: i have no idea. it literally has not gone anywhere in over six months but it was at a good stopping place so i put it up for the list. but i'm glad you liked it. vo

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