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Reviewer: EM1 (Signed) · Date: 2021.01.05 10:01 am · On: part 7

So much is going on at this point! Almost forgot this is kinda a story in a story, is their realm officially separate yet? Continued good luck and energy with your writing

Author's Response: It's not separate yet. That's near the end of the story. Thank you for the luck.

Reviewer: goblin2142000 (Signed) · Date: 2020.10.05 03:17 pm · On: part 5

I can't wait to see how they handle the Supervamps and finding and taking care of the preslayers. I also can't wait to see what exscuse they use on the sunnydale people to evacuate them and what kind of fight xanders parents put up.

Author's Response: I never went into those, sorry. it jumps to after the battle and the hospital scene. sorry.

Reviewer: DemonChyld (Signed) · Date: 2020.09.28 07:49 am · On: Part 4

Cackling so hard over this story! 

Author's Response: Thank you, it's kinda fun to write too.

Reviewer: Hex (Signed) · Date: 2020.07.17 06:22 pm · On: a taste of things to come

* Cackles * Going on to read the rest but gods I love your mind Vo. 


Author's Response: thank you!

Reviewer: EM1 (Signed) · Date: 2020.06.29 03:47 am · On: Part 2

Thanks to this one and your last Darcy story even when Brock is hydra you have me liking his character! Continued good luck and energy with your writing

Reviewer: goblin2142000 (Signed) · Date: 2020.06.18 05:44 pm · On: a taste of things to come

This is going to be seirously interesting to see what happens and how it turns out , can't wait to see it.

Author's Response: i'd like it to finish itself personally. but it is interesting so far.

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