Peanut Butter Jelly Time by Starshinedogs
Summary: Trapped by a Blizzard Beck and Travis from the Rundown deal with a very annoying ringtone.
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I blame this on my brain and on Becca’s Phone and Lucas who seemed to think it was a good idea at the time
Chapter 1 by Starshinedogs
Title: Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Author: Border.Travis a.k.a Starshinedogs
Fandom: The Rundown
Summary: Annoying ring tones
Type: Pre Slash
Rating: all ages may change

Disclaimer: I don't own them I’m just borrowing them for a while

Trapped in a small airport with a group of total strangers, in the middle of a blizzard. Was not Travis’s idea of a good time. The only bright spot was snuggling up to Beck under the blankets, the big guy made a heck of electric blanket.

Opening his book Travis tried again to focus on the story, because they where going on vacation Beck had said no research material. So Travis was currently working his way through the Lord of the Rings, he had finished the Hobbit last night. He still had return of the king in his bag, if he finished that then Beck would have to entertain him or buy him some more books.

Off on one side of the room some one's phone went off again playing Peanut Butter Jelly time, next to him half asleep Beck muttered “ I am gonna kill that damn phone !”

Snickering softly Travis looked down at Beck’s face “ babe I would love it if you killed that thing”.  After 2 days of hearing that damn song starting at 8 am and then every 5 minutes after that until the alarm finally shuts off, they and most of the people trapped in the departure lounge where sick of that stupid song.

The next time the phone went off Beck rolled to his feet, and started tracking the damn thing. It took him till the phone went off again to locate it, reaching towards the small of his back he pulled loose his k-bar. Driving it completely through the annoying phone, permanently silencing it. As he withdrew the knife the people crowded in the lounge, started climbing to their feet clapping and cheering him.

Walking back over to where Travis was sitting Beck looked down at him “ That better babe ?”

“Much better”

Laying back down on his pallet of blankets, Beck reached over and pulled the book out of Travis’s hands. Sticking the book mark into the correct  place, Beck dropped it on the far side of his body. He then reached out and grabbed Travis’s right wrist, giving his wrist a gentle yank Beck toppled Travis onto his chest.

“Now that I have dealt with the phone of doom, I think I have earned a reward” Beck murmured in to Travis’s ear.

Looking down in shock at his lover, the same lover that insisted that they not display emotion in public. He stuttered  out  “B…. Be….Beck, you said not in front of others and never in public “.

Underneath him Beck took a deep breath and then let it out “Yeah I did Trav, but after I started thinking about everything. I realized I wasn’t being very  fair to you, I mean everybody at the school knows about us and is cool with it. Yet when we do anything with my friends I have to lie or mislead them about or relationship, so I decided Fuck’um if they cant accept you and I as a couple then I don’t want them as friends”

Looking up at Travis’s face as  he spoke Beck saw first shock then delight  bloom there, a moment later Beck couldn’t see anything as Travis was  kissing the living daylight out of him.

Laying flat on his back in a airport in the middle of nowhere, Beck decided that his life couldn’t get much better.

Breaking the kiss Travis laid his head down on Beck’s chest , silently a few tears crept down his cheek. For a long time he had worried that Beck was hiding him, like a dirty secret or like a mistress that just was not acceptable in society. His words salved a deeply hidden hurt, taking a deep breath he hugged Beck back. “my brave killer of cell phones”

In return Beck ran his hand up and down Travis’s back, soothing him into a deep sleep. Glad that he had  been brave enough to speak his heart. And that Travis loved him enough to put up with his shit.
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