Imagine: The List
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Alexander Harris sits on the roof of his apartment building and stares at the distant horizon.

Willow walks up behind him and placed her hand on his cage. "Come on Xan time
to take you back in. I hope you stop trying to scare Amy soon. I know you
don't really want to eat her but all Amy knows is that an Owl is eyeing her up."
Willow holds the cage firmly as she heads back indoors. "Giles thinks he
knows how to revers this so you should back to normal by next week."

It was just an accident, of course most of Willow's spells start out that
way. She was just experimenting she never meant to catch him in her spell.

The large snow white owl in the cage flaps its wings before calming once more.

"Looks like I need to clip your feathers again." Willow jumps as the owl
hisses at her. "That enough of that Mister. You know sometimes I think Giles is
wrong and you are you in there."

Xander curses himself for buying her the Harry Potter series before tucking
his head under his wing and dreaming once more of soaring through open skies.
The freedom and joy of souring through the sky the wind rushing over his wings.
Bliss. Then to be ripped from the sky ... the freedom. He shudders as pain
unending courses through his soul.


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