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Summary: Due to both the start of The Walking Dead and oddly enough Thanksgiving I'm now craving a good apocalypse crossover fic. Pretty much take a fandom (i.e. CSI's, Buffy, Stargate, whatever) of any type (Movie, TV, game, whatever) and cross it over with an apocalypse fandom of any type (Nuclear, Nature, Magic, Demon, Technology, Vampire, Zombie, Monster, Alien, etc.). Just so long as society has a totally collapse.

I want to see how your chosen character and their friends and family survive the initial apocalypse then what they are doing afterwards.

Are they trying to go it alone at first, trying to just take care of a small group, or form a community of some sort?
What kind of personal connections does your character develop with people?
What about a love interest?
Likewise their friends and family?
How do they change and mature as time goes on?
How are they adapting to the apocalypse?
What kind of friends do they make?
What kind of enemies do they make?
How are they trying to get the necessities?
How are they going to keep getting food when the easy stuff runs out (Stores, homes, etc.)?
How are they getting around when traveling? Foot? Car? Horse? Other?
Are they trying to solve whatever the apocalypse is if it's due able?
Do they meet the characters that are originally from the apocalypse fandom at some point?
What other fandom characters do they meet if any?

Bonus Points for those that want them:

- At least one character from fandom dies from cause of apocalypse.
- At least one person banished from character's group do to their stupidity being a threat to every ones survival and not even trying to learn from it.
- They eventually are the leader of a community of some sort.
- They after a point split with group/community they where in either by themselves or with others.
- Character gets a pet of one sort or another. Can be as common as a dog or cat or as strange as a dragon for all I care. Just a pet of some kind.

I am looking forward to any takers, just drop me a link when you post it so I can read it.
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