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I am and avid reader and writer, with an ADD muse and a Angst muse that takes over every once in a while.  My favorite characters in fiction are Xander Harris, Joxer the Mighty, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley as well as many others. 


I primarily write slash with a bit of gen and sometimes het and femmeslash. 

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Challenges by CaliaDragon

The Children of Immortals 


Everyone knows that Immortals cannot have children, unfortunately no one told the Watcher's not to experiment. Years have passed and now Methos and Mac find that they both have a child.

Sixteen year old Xander Harris always knew that Tony Harris wasn't his father, he just didn't know that both his Mother and Tony were Watchers sent to the hellmouth to hide Xander's existance.

Seventeen year old Faith LaHane ranaway from her abusive mother and the death of her first watcher. In Sunnydale she has made a family and friends with Cordy, Xander, and Kendra. They have formed their own group.

Now the truth has come out, the oldest Immortal and the Prophecy Child have come seeking their children. How will Mac respond to learning his daughter is a Slayer, and Methos dealing with a child who is a magnet for weird, both of whom are pre-Immortal?

No Xander or Faith bashing and Wesley sticking strictly with Faith as her watcher.
Cordy and Xander are only friends.
Slash, but Gen and Het are welcome.

Only the Lonely Challenge

A year after Sunnydale has fallen Xander Harris is alone and mourning the loss of Cordy and the LA crews deaths.

Jack Harkness is reeling with the loss of his people and trying to escape memories of Torchwood.

Methos is alone after another battle with no one he knows to turn to.

Harry Potter saved the Wizarding World and lost everything and had immortality forced upon him.

Three Immortals all alone and wishing for someone who can understand what it means to sacrifice everything and to move beyond what you once were. Wishing for a future and someone who would understand them, the say the dreaded words out loud. "I Wish"

D'Hoffryn senses a powerful wish and a way to make the boy his fallen child love happy. He grants the wish, but has no idea the chaos and upheaval tying the four together will bring.

Must Have:

Faith coming to find Xander and finding out about the wish and deciding not to go anywhere without Xander.

Giles and Methos having a history.

Oz and Jack Harkness knowing one another and Faith deciding to keep Oz.

No way to break the bond, which means Xander is immortal, he doesn't react well.

Must Nots:

The Doctor offering to go back in time and stop the wish.

Bashing of any of the mentioned characters.

Xander drinking alcohol.

Wants Not Needed though:


Xander with the three Immortals, Faith, and Oz.

Other than that any thing is up for grabs. Het and Gen would be welcomed too.



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