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Penname: CaliaDragon [Contact]
Real name: Calia
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I am and avid reader and writer, with an ADD muse and a Angst muse that takes over every once in a while.  My favorite characters in fiction are Xander Harris, Joxer the Mighty, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley as well as many others. 


I primarily write slash with a bit of gen and sometimes het and femmeslash. 

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Series by CaliaDragon

Xander is pretty sure being changed into a woman and a slayer after being kidnapped and impregnanted gives him the right to want to maim and murder.    

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Genres: Action/Adventure, AU, Humor, Mystery/Thriller, Romance, SF/Fantasy, Smarm
Warnings: Angst, Character Bashing, Cute Kid, FemSlash, Minor Character Death, Slash
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