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Either Pre-Series or Post Master

The whole town is thoroughly investigated by ALL relevant governement agencies which leads to a mayor death whilst resisting arrest and a full rebuilding - No more corruption, negligence, stagnancy, incompetence...etc with Key posts such as teachers, cops, doctors, therapists, managers, magic shop owner...etc being filled in by good, experienced, no BS, practical, realistic, insightful, strategic, responsible, modern and proactive: hunters, psychics, natural born witches, halfies, whitelighters...etc

The whole town is 1) thoroughly blessed and cleansed of at least 50+ years of bad energies, with the Hellmouth drained down to half strength and warded against leaking and opening, 2) cleaned out of abandoned, dangerous and hidden supernatural, magical and paranormal caches, 3) cleared of at least 60% of its vampire population

All Citizens fully cleansed of all the hellmouth corruptive taint, bonds & influence maybe through the water system which would further help in getting rid of the bad guys... 

All Kids – Forced to attend an accelerated Summer School to get up to State Education Standards for their year groups as well as good group and individual therapy {catches trouble cases before they can become threats such as Warren, Tucker, Marcy, Jonathan, Amy and her Mom, Willow...}

Willow – Sent to a good foster care family and community service for her Hacking after a stint in Juvie whilst her parents are discredited & arrested for child neglect, endangerment, abandonment...

Xander – Gets Adopted by the McNally's whilst his family is arrested for fraud, DUI, child abuse, neglect, endangerment...

Xander Rings: warded against being taken off, unwilling teleportation, physical & spiritual possessions, harmful/malicious & shoddy magicks, tracking, impersonation, mental & emotional compulsion/influence & tampering, unwilling magical & psionic bonds...

How would Giles and Buffy react to all the positive changes?, would the scooby gang still form?, would they shun the others in true council fashion?, will they actively work against the others?...

How would Xander, Jesse and Willow react to the positive changes?, would willow, xander and Jesse still be friends after everything?, will willow end up bitter about everything as she's not top academic dog anymore?...

How would Angel react to all the positive changes?, would someone be able to negate or fix his curse as well as give him a continuous reality check?...

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Summer After Master Dies

  • Parents die and he inherits his magical heritage {powers, family tree, book of shadows, family chronicles...}

  • Ends up living in a warded one room apartment & working for a Good Ethan at his Magic Shop as a Emancipated Minor

  • Subtly breaks away from the Scoobies who don't really notice as he forms/becomes a part of a solid supportive coven with another natural born witch and several practitioners {Amy, Tucker, Jonathan, Andrew, Michael, Tara..} = Ethan, Jenny & a amulet protected Whitelighter are their competent mentors

  • Together manage to thoroughly research and map out a 100 years of Sunnydale, building & key figures, finding various human & supernatural past, present & future patterns, threats, problems, inconsistencies, hot spots, lairs... = leads to them effectively & preemptively taking out several threats

  • Sets up a secure network to monitor who & what comes into town – dangerous artifacts, books, demons, magic users..{e.g. The Judge & Acathla could be orbed into hot lava before they even wake up}

  • Together raid various Sunnydale caches weekly, above and below ground, each earning a decent trust fund – making a real dent in the vampires & bad demons population as well as Sunnydale collection of hidden & mostly dangerous artifacts/books/weapons

  • Other possible changes = everyone linked into the Hellmouth permanently cut off = real bad citizens locations leaked to feds{serial killers-tax dodgers-molesters-hackers..} = magical witness protection for several future sacrifices e.g. Cordelia after seeing marks on their auras = Rack vanquished = Mayor stopped before the 100 days = Hellmouth drained so harder to open...

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= During High School Xander, thanks to his association with Buffy, gets approached by a powerful, good, capable & realistic group to help take down several long term Bads such as the Watcher Council, Sunnydale itself, the Initiative...etc by becoming a successful supernatural version of a undercover cop with his own handler/contact and in return he gets full independence from the Harris's, protection, good education/training & medical care after extensive examining, support, a decent side paycheck & once done a new life


Possible crossovers or multiple crossovers as well as new bosses for Xander can be

> Eureka with Nathan Stark as a leader of a peaceful supernatural community as well as a scientific one

> Stargate with Jack O'Neill as leader of Homeworld Security protecting the world from aliens, supernaturals & idiotic humans

> Charmed with the Elders or at least a subgroup of Elders who are much more realistic, proactive, interactive & not Halliwell obsessed

> Hercules/Xena with the Greek gods taking serious objection to what the powers that be are doing & allowing thanks to pettiness, negligence, indifference..

> Sentinel where Sentinels & Guides are known and accepted in society, they have their own organization that sets out to help & protect Sentinels, Guides & Mundanes alike that also unknown to the Mundanes deal with the various supernatural threats

> Dresden Files and the White Council

> SHEILD with Coulson as his contact, later on forms a strong friendship with Tony Stark

> AU NCIS LA/CSI/Mag7/Numb3rs Verse where the Supernatural world is known about at least to them if not the general public

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