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Harry jumps time/dimension with baby Voldie after dying in DH and ends up related to a kinder Dark Lord Voldemort.

Timeline during Voldemort's rise to power ('70s) or shortly before: Voldemort's familytree is updated by at least two. The goblins (or Ministry) send out an automated "congratulations on the new heir"-owl. Only works if Voldemort isn't quite as dark or deranged as in the original timeline/dimension, since he'll accept them as family for some arrogant reason and Harry agrees. Or not. Custody dispute? Denile? Maybe Dumbledore never defeated Grindelwald or if he did, he took over as the new Dark Lord. Maybe Voldemort is still a Dark Lord but not as quick to kill and never split his soul. Since it's a new dimension (and time) lots of things and people could be different from the original.

Would Harry still show up as a Potter, though? His old body is still in the original timeline/dimension. His new body, and baby Voldie's too, could be made to be related to anyone; it's only the souls that travelled.

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After reading  The Pen is a Sword: The Blood Books on AO3 by A_Being_Of_Violet_Fire not long after reading several Eureka fics this came up

= Harry & Percy forming a solid friendship and eventual relationship behind everyone backs, as the overlooked ones, that leads to them fully escaping wizarding europe, after draining the Potter/Black vaults/properties of everything valuable, for the Magical/Supernatural/Intellectual sanctuary of Eureka

Both gain full asylum/citizenship, new Identities, tailored in-depth magical & mundane education, medical & healing, weekly therapy{not Barlow}, purification ritual, their secret dream jobs{opposite expectations}, true friend/brother/dad in Nathan Stark, birthrights, makeovers...

Eventually they have three sons together{mpreg or surrogates or adoption} that don't get subjected to the Dursley or Weasley version of parenting{abuse, overbearing, neglect or comparing kids}

Harry ends up forming a solid friendship with Jack Carter when he arrives in town, helping him adjust, stay sane & keep his secrets - Keeps him sane after Percy dies the year before

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In most stories that I read concerning the effect Soldier Boy had on Xander it was stated that Soldier Boy was in the background of Xander's mind, a guiding force.

So today I got thinking what if it wasn't Soldier Boy who was in the background but Xander... When the spell ended on everyone else it didn't stop for Xander or it did but Soldier Boy's present slowly took over Xander?

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What if Xander dressed up as youngish Charles Xavier for Halloween instead of a Soldier and he kept not only the very useful memories but the gift of Telepathy as well? Particularly if Xander thanks to the way he's grown up unconciously & constantly scans those around him for threats - hearing & finding out things he shouldn't > leading Xander to proactively taking care of various threats in sunnydale much more quietly, efficiently and effectively including the teams various attitudes as well as providing some necessary perspective for Xander with regards to his life and himself

Possibile Crossovers

1) {CHARMED} Xander finds out that he's a Natural Born Witch with Halloween just breaking through the binding, that was placed by the Elders due to his parents continuous addictions, and possibly adding another active power = gets the support/help of the Elders/whitelighters as he learns of his heritage, controls his gifts and handles sunnydale/gang > later on could move to San Francisco and form an alliance with the Charmed ones and some others in keeping San Fran safe and each other grounded in reality

1.5) Xander as just a natural Telepath, though thanks to where he was born and how he got/activated his powers still gains Elders/whitelighters support as he learns to control his gifts and handle sunnydale/the gang = later on he could also be the one to help support Leo supporting the Charmed ones and getting their heads out of their asses as needed

Added bonus if Xander and Paige become best friends, helping each other heal and supporting each other against unreasonable sisters/friends that have constant trouble accepting them as they are and not zeppo/replacement instead of friend/sister.

2) {SUPERNATURAL} Xander as one of Azazel children with his gifts coming out sooner thanks to Halloween - leads to him heading several things off

3) {SENTINAL with further possible crossovers in SGC or CSI if sentinals/guides are known} Xander as a powerful guide qualities become more telepathic in nature

4) {X-Men Evolution Or X Men The Movies} Xander as the Psychic son of the real Charles Xavier who with his own Telepathy senses that something has happened, investigates it, fixes it and then fosters/adopts Xander.

Must Not Have:- Xander telepathically powerful enough to read more than a small city

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Can anyone who has read the Girl Genius webcomic  really say that Tony Stark isn't a high functioning Spark? 

If so, does that Steve Rogers a Stark family Jaeger?

Maybe we finally know what happened to Agatha's uncle/father.


Sorry about the font. I couldn't get the italics to turn off.


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