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Xander tired of the treatment he recieves at the hands of the Harris's and without the knowledge of the other Scoobies - packs what he truly needs & values from his parents & old McNally's homes, and soon becomes a leader of sunnydale only safe & viable, although illegal, group home when he squats in one of Sunnydale larger abandoned houses which soon becomes filled with other abused/neglected/victimized kids he noticed needing help - everyone ends up supporting & protecting each other even as they all heal, catchup to normal non-sunnydale education standards, learn some necessary life skills such as basic cooking/household & car maintenance & repairs/self defence, work part time to pay for food & other expenses....etc   

Kids Possiblities = Andrew, Jonathan, Amy, Michael, Larry....

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Xander was given the task of clean up around the Magic Box.  See a dirty old lamp, Xander decides to clena it and when he does so a djinn appeared and offered him  wishes

Anya explains that unlike Justice Demon's wishes there are no downside to the wish but the wisher has to be exact when they make their wish.  For example if a person wished for a million bucks then we be granted a million male deer

Now everyone is telling Xander what to wish for.  So what will our hero do?

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The Buffy Verse where Xander was Born with the gift of Power Immunity -  User is immune to all or certain supernatural powers and effects, although indirect attacks can still effect the user

  • Ability Resilience - Immune to superpower manipulation-based attacks.

  • Elemental Immunity - Immune to element-based attacks and abilities.

  • Evil Immunity - Immune to becoming or to anything that's pure evil.

  • Fate Immunity - Immune to the forces of Causality and Fate

  • Illusion Awareness - See through illusions.

  • Life Resilience - Immune to Death Manipulation.

  • Magic Immunity - Immune to magic.
  • Panmnesia - Immune to memory manipulating abilities.

  • Paranormal Immunity - Immune to paranormal-based attacks, abilities and effects.

  • Precognitive Immunity - Can't be seen in precognitive-based abilities.

  • Psychic Shield - Immune to telepathic, empathic and mental abilities.
  • Reality Anchoring - Immune to reality manipulation-based abilities.

  • Seduction Immunity - Immune to seductive love, lust and sex-based abilities.

  • Semi-Immortality - Immune to aging-based abilities.

  • Shapeshifting Awareness - See through a shapeshifters disguise.
  • Soul Anchoring - Immune to Soul-affecting powers.

  • Temporal Protection - Immune to alterations of the timeline changing.
  • Temporal Immunity - Immune to temporal-based powers

  • How much different would everything be? Would Xander still be as close to Willow if he wasn't as effected by the Hellmouth and didn't constantly forget/ignore the deaths & various strangness? How would Willow react when every spell she decides to cast on her Xander toy failed? What if it allowed him to save a would have been forgotten little brother, that he loved & protected unconditionly, by allowing him to see past Illusions/shapeshifting abilities...etc of his would be killer?

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Summary: All over the world, if they had indoor plumbing, people have prayed to the
porcelain god.

So what would happen in one day in Sunnydale the porcelain god became real? And
he's really tired of all the sh*t he's been getting?
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Xander is running a high fever and is delusional. So it's during this state that he decides to take on the horrible and dreaded Dryer Monster since it keeps eating his socks and boxers.


If the Dryer Monster really exist is up to whoever takes this bunnie

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Ok I need to past this bunnie along before I start crying.

OK somehow Xander and Angel's soul has switched places and it can't be undone. (See this post grad and before Angel and Queen C get together)

Now Angel has a new Xander suit and he can be with Slutty... I mean Buffy. He can walk under the sun and grow old with Buffy now.

Of course Xander is now wearing the Angel suit and is now forced to watch his body walk with Buffy, hold Buffy and kiss Buffy; everything he once dreamed of doing with her.

As usual everyone expect for Spike ignore Xander, they're too wrapped up in the happiness that is Angel and Buffy.

In the end Xander travels to the east coast, to Miami to escape from his friends. One day he decides to watch the sun rise one last time.

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Summary: While on patrol with some mini-Slayers, Xander and the girls ran across a demon
that looked like a character from the movie Spaceballs. The character was the
villian Pizza the Hutt

When the return home after their patrol, strangely no one was hungry and a few
had tummy aches.
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The Challenge set during High School

Xander becoming a powerful Telekinetic as a result of repeated childhood trauma like the character Bethany on Angel - though not necessarily the same trauma.

Show his journey towards healing, independence and control with the help of a true mentor or brother figure who unconditionally accepts, supports, loves, respects, protects, comforts and befriends him. 

Leads to Xander becoming much more grounded, self aware, realistic, calm, practical and mature as he heals. As well as forming good friendships outside Buffy and Willow.

Xander has to develope a healthy coping mechanism to deal with his emotions such as art, cooking or mechanics..etc So no 'dating' Cordelia, hunting for stress relief...

Has to be some conflict with the gang maybe due to the fact that Xander is growing up and they are not necessarily there yet or over their actions and inactions towards him..etc

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Xander has been call to face a close season of Congress so that he could explain what happened in Sunnydale (either Initiative or the First Evil)  However one Congressman refused to believe anything Xander said and actual verbally attacked him. 

In frustration Xander called upon D'Hoffryn to prove that demons exist. 

One to never let opportunity pass him by, D'Hoffryn offers Xander one free question. 

Xander’s wish – that all leaders in the world would be honest. 

While Xander meant was that all the world leaders including religious leader be honest what he gets is that anyone who leads from Presidents and Kings, to religious leaders and CEO down to mayors and school board leaders are honest. 

Janus is getting high off the chaos thanks to his favorite child.

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In fics in which Buffy learns about the 'Lie' she reacts badly and attacks Xander. The result of this attack is often Xander leaving Sunnydale to make his own life.

Now I was thinking why doesn't the Watcher Council even come to town to deal with Buffy. I mean they were going to put Faith on trial and then re-educate her before sending her off on a mission that will probably kill her for accidentally killing a human in the middle of a battle, so what would they do to Buffy for purposely trying to kill a human who's action saved the world?

Depending when the truth comes out you could have Wesley, Major Wilkins or someone else informs the Council.

And then you'll have to deal with Xander? Would the other Scoobies blame Xander for the council coming after Buffy? Would the Council try to make amends to Xander for what Buffy did?

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Summary: Ok I have no clue about what anyone can do with this bunnie but it's a demanding
little thing so I'm posting it.

The Whipping Boy - a young boy who was raised with a prince or other young
nobleman and whipped for the latter's misdeeds. The idea that they noble would
behave if their friend were the one punished for their actions

Set before or after Darth Willow

In order to control Willow's magic use it was decided that the whipping boy
curse needed to be cast. It was also decided that Xander would be Willow's
whipping boy whether or not he agreed to it.

Now if it was set before Willow went Darth Willow, I can see Willow
'accidentally' making everyone forget about it. Of course every time Willow
used magic selfishly Xander is punished some how. Everyone except Willow is
confused about why this is happening to Xander. Finally they figure out hat
he's curse but instead of linking it to Willow and her magic use they think it
connect to the Hellmouth or something Xander is doing there. Giles sends Xander
away from Sunnydale in the hope of saving him from the curse. Eventual Xander
meets up with the Winchesters….

If it's post Darth Willow… Willow finds a spell that she things will give her a
little Xander on her shoulder to tell her right from wrong. (Think an angel and
devil on your shoulder) With Buffy help, Willow cast the spell only to learn
later that she has made Xander into her whipping boy.
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I blame Vo for this bunnie since I was rereading The Right Rite - part 3 when Wesley suggest that Xander being President would be worst then Xander being a FED.

So what if after the invasion of LA the truth about Slayers, Hunters and the Supernatural came out. Of course Xander would become an American hero when they've learned more about what happened in Sunnydale.

So when the campaigning starts for the next election someone suggested Xander for President (see someone outside the Watcher/Slayer. Maybe as a joke)

Now America is tired of the two party system we have and want someone different and they want someone who doesn't want the job but will do it out of duty (This is how it was meant to be but now with have career politician)

Now if you get enough signauture you can have someone name added to the ballot or you can write in their name.

Now between the demons who can vote (they know Xander to be fair) and the human who are tired of the bad leadership we're had, Xander suddenly finds myself President of the United States.

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