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Harry jumps time/dimension with baby Voldie after dying in DH and ends up related to a kinder Dark Lord Voldemort.

Timeline during Voldemort's rise to power ('70s) or shortly before: Voldemort's familytree is updated by at least two. The goblins (or Ministry) send out an automated "congratulations on the new heir"-owl. Only works if Voldemort isn't quite as dark or deranged as in the original timeline/dimension, since he'll accept them as family for some arrogant reason and Harry agrees. Or not. Custody dispute? Denile? Maybe Dumbledore never defeated Grindelwald or if he did, he took over as the new Dark Lord. Maybe Voldemort is still a Dark Lord but not as quick to kill and never split his soul. Since it's a new dimension (and time) lots of things and people could be different from the original.

Would Harry still show up as a Potter, though? His old body is still in the original timeline/dimension. His new body, and baby Voldie's too, could be made to be related to anyone; it's only the souls that travelled.

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