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The Slayers have been spread across the global in order to fight evil. Some of them even settled in Chicago were they report back the have a mouse problem, a demon mouse problem.

It seems as if the Chi town has a case of Sunnydale forgetfulness. The citizen of the city ignore the mice destroying public and private properties, disrupting traffic, ball games and other forms of entertainment. The mice have been known to eat all of the food in restaurants too. And the biggest sin the mice have done was ruin a girls brand new outfit and her new shoes.

Well since Xander is the one who deal with any mouse problem at Slayer center, Buffy decides he would be the best one to send to deal with these little mice.

Of course someone forgets to tell Xander these mouse walk on two legs, ride motorcycle and can talk.

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Riddick has had a long life. He has fulfilled the prophecy and has leaded the Necromonger to their destiny. And now as Riddick approaches his next great adventure, he's soul is stolen by the Power That Be.

After forming a new body for Riddick, the Power That Be inform that him that they have a job for him and if he completes the job then when he dies the next time he will be allowed to pass on. But if he does not complete the job for them then the consequence will be unpleasant.

The job is rather simple, Riddick needs to kill the Slayer's White Knight, kill Xander Harris.

Of course the Power That Be have forgotten a number of important things like Xander is very hard to kill and that Riddick follows his own rules and not someone else.

So while the Power That Be plot the next course of action for after Xander's untimely death the higher Gods make beats on how long the Power That Be will live before Xander and Riddick come after them

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What if instead of Xander & Amy doing the botched love spell, Xander says a wish that gets answered, after all if there are wish demons for scorned women there should be ones for scorned men

Possibilities = Cordelia

- Spends life as a empathic foreign aid worker

- She becomes the mother of a dozen down to earth fashion hating children

- Spends her life as a celibate Nun

Think of all that could then happen or not happen as the case may be as a result of the wish 

Then there are all the other possible wishes

Willow: 1) bound from doing ANY kind of harm unless in TRUE self defence of others or herself, 2) to loose everything and is forced to EARN everything back whilst working a honest job, doing community service, hunting, training, college...

Giles: To always see the unbiased truth no matter the person or situation

Buffy: 1) undergoes NAVY SEAL training, 2) fully accept ALL aspects of herself without whining, 3) to loose then be forced to her back her abilities the hard way, 4) to permanently loose her abilities and have a career as a cop...

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Xander as a good Person & Grimm thanks to the positive influence/support of a family of open-minded Jagarbar's AKA The McNally Family who were murdered pre series by his Grimm grandfather and who he accidently killed in return unknowingly setting off the Grimm family legacy. Ends up becoming a strong protector of innocent Wesen and Humans without the knowledge of Angel, Buffy, Giles or Willow who thanks to his natural and accurate profiling abilities was/is never as close to them as on the show, leading to a bigger gap between them all a lot sooner.

Finds out he has possible relative/s {e.g. Sean Renard(half brother) &/or Nick Burkhardt(cousin)} who are not abusive, alcoholics or serial killers and either goes searching or they find/rescue him.

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Xander as the elder half brother of Harry Potter, who has had a comprehensive magical and mundane education, unbeknownst to anyone in Sunnydale barring Jesse McNally who was a First Generation Wizard.

Special Magical Talents = Shamanism, Runes, Warding, Combat Magic, Magical Craftsmanship & Enchantments, Wolf Animagus, Mind Shield, Rituals

Also has a large trust fund & a fully secure Manor house in Colorado Or Wyoming that no one has access to outside of himself.

At age 17 he graduates both from his Magical & Mundane schooling & is accepted as an Auror

When the Dursley family is killed, he gains full custody of his half brother.

Helps Harry, Remus & Sirius get a Full = Examination, Cleansing, Physical & Psychological Healing, Private Mundane & Magical Education Tutoring, Restraining Orders, Inventory & Investigation Of All Properties & Assets By Blood-Magic-Law(e.g. Lineage, Bequests, Gifts...etc),

Wizarding Britain ends up getting a comprehensive, detailed & systematic investigation in their government, education, economy, medical...etc

And when the Scooby Gang find out and try and interfere, they end up being fully investigated, cleansed, physically & psychological healed, educated on reality & trained/backed up properly in combat if they are not arrested themselves


Bill & Charlie Weasley transfers even further away from England,

Percy Weasley decides to become a ICW Lawyer instead of becoming British Ministry toady,

The Twins become R&D Scientists with a private Canadian company with their dream Joke shop as a side business,

Ron Weasley enventually becomes a Oceania Auror after his attitude is worked out of him,

> all of them have minimal contact with their overbearing banshee mother or doormat father & continually refuse to go back to England

Hermione is continuasly shown the error of her ways such as in daily-chan fanfiction,

None of the Hogwarts staff are allowed to get away scott free as they are not innocent bystanders

No Tonks/Remus relationship as she's too immature/naive for him

Both Xander & Harry get adopted into Black Family

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= Xander is de-aged & possibly sent across realms to become the son of BAMF teen Stiles Stilinski and maybe a stalker/roofies 

= Stiles has secretly been training in self defence, weapons, magic, first aid, investigation techniques, profiling, hacking & the supernatural thanks to what been happening as he doesn't want to be a victim. 

= After getting custody of baby Xander takes a hard look at his life, friends, allies, himself and his priorities

= Ends up being less inclinded to help/lie/backup bad friend Scott & the Hale Pack unless truly necessary.

= Becomes very anti Argent family

= Doesn't tolerate anyone BS &/or Manipulations in any shape or form against him, his dad or innocents

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Summer after Acathla whilst Buffy is away and the others are distracted – Xander acts in his own and the innocent town citizens best interests as he doesn't like the actions and inactions of the gang so far

[Side Note: Could of lost a secret boyfriend as well as blood brother Jesse to night life = Vampires/Dirty Parts Selling Doctor]

= Finishes creating his own secret Digital Supernatural library by safely scanning Giles and the Town books

= Goes and gets a full legit medical, cleansing ritual and several warding Tattoos in LA

= Clears out all of the town Caches – either Sells, Trades, Keeps, Returns or Destroys [Weapons, Books, Artefacts, Valuables, Cursed Items, Odds-Ends]

= Invites the Strongest, Strictest and most Realistic American coven to take care of ALL of Sunnydale magic users &/or dabblers where they end up either Killed, Healed, Adopted or Magic Burnt Away {Tara, Amy, Jonathan, Michael, Andrew, Rack, Willow...etc}

= Sells human secrets with proof to various government agencies regarding the town and its citizens [Mayor Office, Schools, Hospitals, Police & Fire Departments, CPS....etc] after ensuring his own legal safety [Rocket Launcher Theft and anything else]


Town = Audited, Reviewed, Cleased, Blessed, Rebuilt....etc every which way from Sunday

Citizens = Either Arrested, Killed, Fired, Warned, Witness Protection, Voluntarily Moves...etc

Supernatural Community = Being dealt with by Hunters/Vatican &/Or Van Hellsing teams due to being alerted by the coven

Just imagine Buffy reactions when she gets home

Willow = Possibly Bound[Soul Curse - Black Magic & bad Ethics] and Arrested[Bad Hacking]

Giles = Possibly out of the librarian job [Occult/Supernatural Library is not friendly kids reading and he's kinda anti-social]

Oz = Possibly Moved in with a Peaceful Rural Lycan Pack somewhere else getting some needed training maybe

Classmates = Retested and Resorted based on actual modern day Academic standards and not Sunnydale 50's standards

Supernatural Community = Could consider her a non-issue compared to the proactive Vatican/Van Hellsing teams

Xander = End up a Emancipated Minor or finding Real family [possibilities a member of SGC/A, Numb3rs, Supernatural, Charmed, Criminal Minds....etc]

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Summary:  was rereading Vo's 'A Child to Guide Them' when I started to think of all the
fic in Xander was cross with the Sentinel and then cross with something else.
And I realized that in a majority of them Xander ends up being the Guide while
some other character from another series ends up as the Sentinel.

And then I though what series have I yet to see cross with Sentinel… answer
Supernatural… and puff twin bunnies were born; one named Easy and the other
named Hard.

Easy Bunnie - Sometime before or during Supernatural Dean become a Sentinel.
(Ok I admit it I'm a Dean-girl so I picked him but come on doesn't Sam have
enough on his shoulders lets not add on being a Sentinel to the list) Of course
Sam notice that his big brother is having problems so of course he researches
and discovers Blair's paper.

How you find out that Xander is a Guide and gets him hooked up with Dean is up
to you.

Hard Bunnie - Xander is the Sentinel and Dean is his Guide.

What makes this hard is I have no clue how to set this up but you also have to
deal with Dean not wanting to be the Guide and resisting his Sentinel. Dean is
not someone who wants to 'stay in the truck' but would rather lead the attack.
Also because of how he grew up, Dean is emotionally closed off to almost
everyone so he would have problems being there for Xander at times.

Of course in either bunnie if John Winchester is still alive he would think that
his son has been curse and will try to save him.
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Ok this is a pretty easy bunnie, first pick how old is Xander. Is he on his post-grad trip, after Sunnydaale fell in, returning from Africa or some other time. Then pick the universe he's in. CSI Miami, CSI New York, M7 or something else.

Then have them find Xander who is suffering from amnesia. They take an interest in Xander and trying to help him find out who he is but a problem arise as people (Order of Taraka) keep trying to kill him.

Figure Xander got amnesia from either a head injury, too much stress and the brain rebooted or Willow deciding that Xander should no longer help.

I can see Xander helping hunt down people in Miami or with M7 using his hyeana sense. Or see him with Gibbs, soldier meet soldier.

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When you're addicted to something you'll do almost pay any price, do anything for your next hit.

When the Powers That Be realize that Willow has become addicted to Dark Magic they realized they had the perfect opportunity to kill off two birds with one stone.

The plan was simple; they would give Willow a chance to get a really good hit of magic in exchange for doing a spell. The agent to the PTB told Willow the spell was to protect a loved one when in reality the spell would send Xander out of the realm that the PTB ruled, never to return.

The agent supplied Willow the items she need for the spells which are thing that Xander had lost, were stolen or Anya had sold.

The PTB were not interested in whether or not if Xander survived wherever he was sent, just so he was forever out of their way. The rulers of whatever realm he arrived in can do whatever they want to him.

The magic hit the PTB will supply will be too much for Willow to handle and will either burn out her magic pathways so that she will never be able to use magic again or kill her.


The realm that Xander ends up in will be the author who takes this fic.

(Yeah I know it's not much of a fic but it's a good set up for a crossover in which you don't' want to involve magic later on. Possible crossover includes the Charmed Ones, StarGate SG-1 or Riddick's universe (Pitch Black) I just think that people don't use Willow's addiction to the full potential.)

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Summary: Due to both the start of The Walking Dead and oddly enough Thanksgiving I'm now craving a good apocalypse crossover fic. Pretty much take a fandom (i.e. CSI's, Buffy, Stargate, whatever) of any type (Movie, TV, game, whatever) and cross it over with an apocalypse fandom of any type (Nuclear, Nature, Magic, Demon, Technology, Vampire, Zombie, Monster, Alien, etc.). Just so long as society has a totally collapse.

I want to see how your chosen character and their friends and family survive the initial apocalypse then what they are doing afterwards.

Are they trying to go it alone at first, trying to just take care of a small group, or form a community of some sort?
What kind of personal connections does your character develop with people?
What about a love interest?
Likewise their friends and family?
How do they change and mature as time goes on?
How are they adapting to the apocalypse?
What kind of friends do they make?
What kind of enemies do they make?
How are they trying to get the necessities?
How are they going to keep getting food when the easy stuff runs out (Stores, homes, etc.)?
How are they getting around when traveling? Foot? Car? Horse? Other?
Are they trying to solve whatever the apocalypse is if it's due able?
Do they meet the characters that are originally from the apocalypse fandom at some point?
What other fandom characters do they meet if any?

Bonus Points for those that want them:

- At least one character from fandom dies from cause of apocalypse.
- At least one person banished from character's group do to their stupidity being a threat to every ones survival and not even trying to learn from it.
- They eventually are the leader of a community of some sort.
- They after a point split with group/community they where in either by themselves or with others.
- Character gets a pet of one sort or another. Can be as common as a dog or cat or as strange as a dragon for all I care. Just a pet of some kind.

I am looking forward to any takers, just drop me a link when you post it so I can read it.
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On Halloween, Xander loses a bet and has to dress as a Octopus-like costume. Instead of a Squid, he turns into an Ascended Ancient version of himself. While he is transforming into his costume, his costume needed extra Energy to finish the transformation, so it absorbs the "endless" Energy of the Hellmouth, and because it has links to all of the other Hellmouths around the World he ends up absorbing those too, making him a literal Ascended Hellmouth.

-Because Xander tranformed into an Ascended on his own(the way he subconsiously absorbed the Hellmouth energies to complete the transformation under his own power, even if did do it unconsiously/subconsiously), the Ascended Ancients/Alterans can't get involved with him, I mean they can get involved with him but not in the "You can't use your powers in the lower planes to help(etc...)" and their whole "non-interference" policy, because he wasn't technically Ascended by them. Basically, he can start his own Ascended Group, with it's own rules and regulations.

-There -have- to be real Gods and Goddesses, not just Ascended Ancients/Alterans pretending to be them, like the Ascended Ancient/Alteran Janus.

-The Powers that Be have to be fakes, they only want balance because it keeps them in charge. If there is only balance and neither good or evil can win, then they can still be in charge.

-When Xander gets Ascended because of the costume he gets the status of an Elder God

-When Xander interferes on the Hellmouth, it's only as a last result, otherwise he would be just as evil as the bad guys, what with not letting them get fulfullment for a job well done, or, Xander could have made a clone of himself and set it loose in Sunnydale that has his memories up until he transforms into his costume and he just alters their memories so that things contunie like they did in the series only with an occasional help here and there, while he's elsewhere in the Galaxy, getting things ready for the SGC.

-(A) Xander has to secretly go back in time to when they were setting up the constituion of the U.S. and have them make the SGC officially independent from the US Governent in his time, and its own unlimited funding, etc..., that he won't let anyone know about until when they(The N.I.D. through Kinsey) try to excert their "supposed" authority over SGC. And everything from Cheyanne(?) Mountain, all the way too the Antartica Outpost. Or, he can have the Founders of the U.S. make an independent section of the U.S. Government totally dedicated to Aliens, like England had the Watcher's Council there for Magic. George Washington could have even been an Ex-Watcher if you want him to be, and he could have even put it somewhere in the Decleration or Constition about a Slayer getting the highest clearence level possible, and diplimatic immunity.

-Because of the nature of the Hellmouth, Xanders power is literally endless, he gets the memories and knowledge of anyone and everyone who has ever been in contact with a Hellmouth, and when one is destroyed, he gets/absorbs that endless amount of energy

-For anyone who wants to put Dawn in, they have to have her an Ascended Key, even if she did unconsiously pick a Green Octopus costume that matchs the Green color of the Key.

-Xander and Dawn, -have- to have their own dimension/plane of existence/realm/etc..., that is protected from any and all threats, kinda like a safe haven like the Elders realm is/was in Charmed.

-Any number of crossovers you want.

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