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Crossover Challenge of Percy Jackson, Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Someone from the Xena reality ends up in the Percy Jackson reality. Preferably someone with Powers and is Good and not evil, either a Demi-God or a God/Goddess.

It would be funny to see what Strife could get up to in the Percy Jackson series/reality. Or maybe Joxer, he could have been made a God then was trying out/practicing his powers and somehow ends up in the Percy Jackson reality, since he causes a lot of Chaos no matter how small, or maybe both Strife and Joxer get stuck there.

It would also be funny if Xander was thrown there too.

There was never any Twilight of the Gods, or Eve, or anything of the sort. They only did that plot-line because the actress was pregnant at the time.

Joxer: God of Peace and Chaos. Or something along those lines.

It has to be light hearted, during a time of peace in the series, maybe to just before Percy says No to godhood.

Sometime during the story Strife conjures up some Ambrosia and a bowl of Golden Apples to teach Joxer how to conjure some and Percy accidentally eats some.

Anything else is fine.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Charmed.

On Halloween in Season 2, Buffy, Willow, and Cordelia get turned into Phoebe, Paige, and Piper, Xander get turned into Leo, Angel into Coop, Giles into Gideon, and Jenny into Patty Halliwell.

-They -must- have a complete Book of Shadows, with blank pages to write in

-Their must be doll versions of toddler Wyatt and baby Chris

-Joyce and Jenny must be either Patty Halliwell and Penny (Grams) Halliwell

-Xander gets turned into the Elder/Avatar version of Leo with all of both the Elders' collective knowledge and powers, along with all of the Avatars' collective knowledge and powers

-Gideon -must- be Good

-They must have complete control over their powers and they are fully developed

-They -must- have their own plane/realm of existence, like Elder land, Valhalla island or Magic School. Or they can have their own sub-dimension that is an exact replica of Earth but they are the only ones there. They have complete control over how much time passes there

-All of them must keep -everything- they got from the spell

-They are all Immortal, because, what's the point of having control of how many years pass in their own dimension/plane/realm of existence and get old from being there?

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Summary: *puts the bunny in the pen and backs away*

I was reading a few of the Childhood fics and got the oddest bunny. Since "I
wish Xander was with someone who'd love and protect him" is vague... what
would happen if he got sent back in time?

While one of the Seven does their patrol of the town.... they come upon a
busted up coach, and hears a baby/child crying. Picking up Xander, he heads
back to Four Corners and gathers the other members of the seven. Xander
latches onto Ezra and Vin, not letting them leave, and slowly begins to
learn their tricks of the trade.....

I can see Xander conning people to help the seven catch those that try to
take over the town... learning Vin's tracking abilities...... getting the
dexterous motions with his hands that'll help in a gun fight, as well as how
to sharp shoot..... also, having Ezra teaching him to read and write, while
helping Vin at the same time.....

I can see the Native Americans being all shocked at seeing Xander... and
doing what they can to help him....

What I wonder about is how the "night life" fits into it..... *looks cute*
have fun!

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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plots are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work/challange. No copyright infringement is intended.

It's logical that since the Alterans had City Ships for Camelot and Atlantis, that since we don't know anything about the Furlings' that the Furlings' could have had their own versions of City Ships, and thus: The Furling City Ship Olympus.

Xander, Buffy, Willow and a passing Amy, Oz, and Cordelia get drafted by Snyder to dress as mythological figures.

Instead of doing -exactly- that, Xander(Comic book geek) and Willow(Hacker and Science expert for Buffy arrived) in honor of Jesse, a Sci-Fi and Fantasy geek, decide to add futuristic objects to their groups costumes, thus giving the spell a basis in the past to empower the group based on their portrayals of their Godly/Alteran/or/Ferling namesake.

When the spell ends they either stay on Earth(The group as a whole gradually leave Sunnydale due to their empowerments effects on the balance of the Hellmouth(Their also basically given gradually free-reign everywhere but where a Hellmouth is by the other Higher Beings/Heavens/Gods/Whoever/Whatever/Wherever.) or something happens that lands the group elsewhere in the Galaxy(Milky Way, Pegasus, or both) where they basically have free-reign.

Xander: Ares
Buffy: Artemis(Nip that Angel losing his soul thing to pieces)
Willow: Athena(For strategy)
Amy: Hecate
Cordelia: Aphrodite(So that if they do get their own followers/minions, so they can keep them calm and peaceful indefinitely)
Oz: Apollo
Dawn: (Pick for yourself)
(And anyone else who you can get in a costume among the group. Giles and Jenny too if you want.)

--They get access to the City Ship Olympus.

--So that it isn't an immediate Power-Up and a really boring fic really fast, they all have to gradually adjust to the Powers, Abilities, Skills, ect, that they all become enhanced with.

--They all -must- have:
*the ability to teleport,
*photographic memory and,
*A limited(growing gradually as the fic goes on or as they become accustomed to the power/ability) awareness/"Omniscience in their domain and/or area of influence" and of their followers/minions in the back of their minds. (An example of this can be found in anotherlostsoul's "Thunder over Smallville: Book One" 'Chapter 46 – Metamorphosis I'. The divine awareness part describes what I'm trying to explain, anotherlostsoul describes it perfectly, with the above characters gradually growing more aware of everything within their domain and sphere of influence.)

--They can also all have a slight empowerment from prayers and worship that grows as they grow accustumed to their empowerments.

--Depending on the different crossovers(Examples: Charmed, Harry Potter, Xena/Herc, ect), any other powers or abilities can be consulted at my forum on

I've found that/those to be (a) helpful guide(s) to base powers off of.

Not to be included:
The comics after Season 7 of Buffy and Season 5 of Angel.

--Dawns involvement.
--If you cross with Charmed: the Charmed comics.

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Harry jumps time/dimension with baby Voldie after dying in DH and ends up related to a kinder Dark Lord Voldemort.

Timeline during Voldemort's rise to power ('70s) or shortly before: Voldemort's familytree is updated by at least two. The goblins (or Ministry) send out an automated "congratulations on the new heir"-owl. Only works if Voldemort isn't quite as dark or deranged as in the original timeline/dimension, since he'll accept them as family for some arrogant reason and Harry agrees. Or not. Custody dispute? Denile? Maybe Dumbledore never defeated Grindelwald or if he did, he took over as the new Dark Lord. Maybe Voldemort is still a Dark Lord but not as quick to kill and never split his soul. Since it's a new dimension (and time) lots of things and people could be different from the original.

Would Harry still show up as a Potter, though? His old body is still in the original timeline/dimension. His new body, and baby Voldie's too, could be made to be related to anyone; it's only the souls that travelled.

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Summary: Xander jumps time/dimension for some reason and ends up related to a kinder Dark Lord Voldemort.
The reasons could be because magic-SNAFU, Darth Willow, an enemy mage/demon attack, closing Glory's portal using Dawn's blood, sacrificing his soul to protect Dawn, a wish etc.

Timeline during Voldemort's rise to power ('70s) or shortly before: Voldemort's familytree is updated. The goblins (or Ministry) send out an automated "congratulations on the new heir"-owl. Only works if Voldemort isn't quite as dark or deranged as in the original timeline/dimension, since he'll accept Xander as family for some arrogant reason and Xander agrees (or doesn't have a choice depending on his age). Maybe Dumbledore never defeated Grindelwald or if he did, he took over as the new Dark Lord. Maybe Voldemort is still a Dark Lord but not as quick to kill and never split his soul. Since it's a new dimension (and time) lots of things and people could be different from the original.

Xander could be deaged by a few years or several years, look the same, be healed, lose a few scars, be related to several key persons besides Lord Voldemort, gain magic by being hurt by Darth Willow, unlock his magic abilities by jumping dimension etc
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Riley entered the Magic Shop with Graham following him. 

"Giles," Riley called out as he spotted the older man stocking shelves. 

Giles turned around to face the two young men. "Riley," he said as a greeting while give Graham a nod of his head. 

"We came as soon as we got you message," Riley said. "Is it true? Is she gone?" 

Giles nodded his head grimly. "I'm afraid so," Giles replied. 

"How?" Riley demanded, his voice betraying the feelings he was trying to his. Graham reached out as gentle squeezed his friend's shoulder as a show of support. 

"She died stopping a hell goddess from destroying the world," Giles replied. 

"Your message said you need help," Graham said as he gave his friend a chance togather himself. 

"We need Faith," Giles said simply. "The Hellmouth needs a Slayer." 

"She's dangerous or have you forgotten what she did?" Riley snapped. 

"No. No I haven't forgotten and neither has she," Giles replied as he looked Riley directly in the eyes. "She is trying to make amends for what she has done. That is why she's allowed herself to be placed in prison." 

Riley looks away as he struggle to control his emotions. 

"So what do you want us to do about it?" Graham asked. 

"We need you, your superiors to free Faith. Return her to the Hellmouth so she can do her duty," Giles explained. 

Graham nodded his head. 

"I can't believe that Xander or Willow is agree with this," Riley snapped. "They've seen how dangerous she is!' 

"And that brings us to another matter," Giles said as he glanced toward the door to the backroom. 

"What do you mean?" Riley growled. 

"After Buffy died… Willow decide to try to being Buffy back," Giles said. 

"From the dead? She was trying to bring her back from the dead?" Graham exclaimed. 

"I'm afraid so," Giles admitted. "Luckily Xander was able to stop her beforeshe was able to complete the spell." 

"I feel a but some place in there," Graham said. 

"Unfortunately so," Giles said grimly. "Both Xander and Willow were caught inthe backlash. Willow is currently coma, trapped in her own mind. I'm hopeful that someday she'll be able to wake up." 

"And Xander?" Riley demanded. 

"Yes… well…" Giles said nervously only to interrupted by a baby's wail from the back room. 

"Giles?" Riley said as he looked at the older man in surprise as he hurried to the back room only to return a moment later with a young baby in his arms. 

"And this is what happened to Xander," Giles said softly as he looked down at the baby. 

"That's Xander?" Riley said in disbelief as he stared with wide eyes at the baby. 

At that moment the bells on the door chimed as Anya, Dawn and a woman Riley recognized as Hallie. 

"Giles," Anya whined. "You were to call us when they arrived." 

"They just arrived, Anya," Giles sighed. "Besides I have my hands full at themoment." 

"I'll take him," Dawn said as she walked over at took Xander from Giles' armsand hugged the child towards her. 

"Have you told them?" Hallie asked. 

"Told us what?" Graham asked having recovered from the shock faster than Riley did. 

"The Hellmouth is not a safe place for anyone let alone a small child," Giles explained. 

"We're going to wish Xander a new family and you're going to deliver him to them," Anya explained excitedly. 

"What!" Riley sputtered. 

"Hallie is the Justice demon over Lost Child," Dawn said from where she sat with Xander. "We can wish Xander to have a new family, parents who would love and protect him. He would be safe with them." 

Graham stared at Hallie in surprised 

"And I got a new job!" Anya exclaimed. "D'Hoffryn agreed to make a new position. I'm now the Justice demon over Stolen Loves." 

"Stolen Loves?" Riley said nervously. 

Anya nodded her head. "I help those who's loved ones have been killed before their time like when a drunk driver kills the wife and kids but leaves the husband behind. I can help him get justice on the driver." 

"Ummm… that's a good thing, right?" Graham said as he looked between Giles and Dawn. 

Giles nodded his head. "D'Hoffryn did agree to some limit to Anya's new duty. She can not punish those in war unless for example a soldier killing a prisoneror an accidentally that is truly out of human's hand." 

"But that still leaves me the fools who cause accident because they're too busy playing with the radio and stuff like that," Anya said excitedly. 

"Right," Riley said as Graham and him edged towards Dawn and hopefully safety 

"And our part with Xander," Graham asks. 

"We're already choice Xander his new parents," Hallie said as a folder appears in her hand. She handed it over to Graham. "You're part will be explaining tohim how Walsh made Xander." 

"I've heard of this guy," Graham said as he read the folder. "He's said to be a real bastard. A good guy but not someone you want to be on the bad side of." 

"What about the mother?" Riley said looking up from where he was reading over Graham's shoulder. "Who is she?" 

"He," Hallie asked with almost evil smile. "Walsh used the DNA of two men to create Xander." 

The color in Riley and Graham's faces drained away. "She… she wasn't really doing that, was she?" Riley stammered. 

"She had started the process but had let created a successful zygote," Hallie replied. 

"And Xander's other father, who is it?" Graham asked. 

"It's not your concern," Anya chimed in. "You'll go to Xander's new father… and you'll lie. He'll be the one to find the other father. But if it helps the other father was a sperm donation from someplace in Ohio. He was told it was destoried." 

"But he'll ask questions," Graham said. "And he's one who doesn't take no for an answer." 

"I'm sure you'll be able to lie successfully," Giles said as he took off his glasses. "It is possible to simply tell him that those who know the truth are dead." 

Graham and Riley looked at each other, then back at Giles, Hallie and Anya. "Alright. We'll do it. Just hope we survive it." 

"Now if someone would make the wish," Hallie said as she ribbed her handstogether. 

"I will," Dawn said. "I wish that Xander had loving parents, who will care for him, love him, be there for him whenever he needs them." 

"Granted," Hallie said happily. Dawn looked down at Xander and notice that his deep brown eyes were now greywith little specks of green and brown in them. 

"I'll miss you Xander," she said softly as she kiss the top of his head as tears ran down her face. 


Two days later, Graham and Riley marched into the bull pit of NCIS with Xander sleeping in Riley's arms. They came to a stop before Gibbs' desk. 

"Can I help you gentlemen?" Gibbs said as he looked up from where he sat. 

"Special Agent Gibbs?" Riley asked nervously. 

"I am," Gibbs said with a nod of his head. 

"Ummm… sir, I…. I don't know how to say this…" Riley stammered 

"They spit it out, Captain," Gibbs snapped. 

"Congratulations, sir. It's a boy!" he said as he held the baby in Gibbs'direction 


I figured on making Tony the other father. This bunnie can also work with SG-1 (Jack/Daniel) and other series 

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After Buffy finds out about Xander's lie about what Willow said about Angel, she curses him so that he would never experience love. But as ususal magic didn't work right on Xander so instead of never knowing love Xander is curse to never grow old until he finds his true love.

Xander is forced to watch those he care for grow up, have a life and finally die as he remains the same age as he was when Buffy cursed him. Any wounds he recieves to his body is healed almost immediately but no magic could heal the wounds to his heart and soul, so after a time Xander closed his heart to everyone expect to children.

As mankind left the Earth to explore the universe so did Xander. He made it a habit to drift from planet to planet to keep people from noticing that he never aged.

Having settled on a new planet, Xander once again started his life when they arrived. After being captured by the Necromonger, Xander is dragged before their leader.

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