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Buffy has been described many times as someone who 'shot first ask questions never'. So when a man with eyes that seem to glow suddenly appear in the school's library, Buffy attacks and severely injuries the man. Xander and Giles are able to stop Buffy from killing the man.

Left with an injured and unconscious man and a Slayer who wants nothing more than to kill him, Xander offers to take the man and care for him until they can figure out who and what he is and more importantly what he wants with the Hellmouth.

Willow points out that if the stranger is dangerous Xander won't be able to stop him if he's a bad guy. In order to bring order back to his library and to keep Buffy from killing someone who appears to be more or less human Giles offers to cast a spell on Xander that will incapacitate the man if he tries to harm Xander by physical or magical means.

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A while back Katrina challenged me to write a Xander meets Sherlock Holmes bunnie with time travel... well I was going to until my bunnies bite me HARD. I've been writing ever since.

Now Katrina challenge has always been at the back of my mind waiting for it's chance. So not to long ago while reread DCIS I started to thinking... if enough people believe in something it becomes real (Hell House from Supernatural and from other works of fiction) And I know that some people believe Holmes is real and some people actual write letters to him.

So what would happened to Sherlock Holmes suddenly becomes real? I can imagine the local law enforcement would call DCIS. Now Holmes would be returned to base where this poor Victorian age man would have to deal with Slayers, female cops, modern age, Xander and House.

I can see House and Holmes getting along like Nitroglycerin and a sudden stop

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There is word circling the hunter community of a human who consorts with demons on a regular basic.

It is said that the man willing sleeps with them. That he lived with a vampire that was famed for kill everyone in an orphanage. That he works with a sorcerer and witch that raises demons and the dead for their own enjoyment and use. And that the man work with young girls who are possessed by demons and he does nothing to help from the girls from their horrible fate

And finally it is said that in exchange for the ability to see the future he allowed his eye to be removed so he could help the demon possessed girls to fulfill their dark goals.

The hunting community decide the best thing to do with such a evil person is to kill him, so now it's all hands out to end this bastard's life before he ends the world.

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Sorry just saw a commerical for either Disneyland or Dinsey World, never can remember which one is which, and the idea Xander at Disney fighting demons.

Hey you could always cross it over with CSI Miami when they're call in to help or Num3ers or maybe Charmed

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Xander was given the task of clean up around the Magic Box.  See a dirty old lamp, Xander decides to clena it and when he does so a djinn appeared and offered him  wishes

Anya explains that unlike Justice Demon's wishes there are no downside to the wish but the wisher has to be exact when they make their wish.  For example if a person wished for a million bucks then we be granted a million male deer

Now everyone is telling Xander what to wish for.  So what will our hero do?

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Do you remember the rocket launcher Buffy used against the Judge? I know Buffy did, it was her best birthday gift. So does Xander since it was his best double date with Cordiala. And so do some people in power.

The people in power come to Xander with an offer, they want him to do one small job and in return Xander and his friends won't be arrest for terrorism and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

The job is simple; there is a man who stands in the way of those in power. This man is an honorable man and does his best to solve those crimes that affect those who are in military and their family. Sometimes in order to bring justice the man steps on a few toes and upset a few people.

Now the people in power wants this man discredit; to leave the job he loves either by his choice or forced out and they want Xander to make this happened.

Xander can either seduce the man and in turn force him out of the military due the Don't Ask, Don't rule or he could use his demonic contact to have the man believe he's cracking up.

The man's name is L.J. Gibbs.

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When Xander was very young someone laid a blessing or a curse, depending on your point of view, on Xander.  The blessing was that if someone pissed off Xander then bas things would happen to that person.  Now enought very bad would happen to that person but they would have a string of bad luck. 

For example if you were a bad guy then the good guy would always defeat you.  Or if a guy would develop an embarrassing case of jock itch right before his big date with a cheerleader.  For a girl should could break the heel on her new heels or a demon with a camera is around when the knot on your handkerchief shirt fails.

So what would happen if Xander went on a road trip and meet new and interesting people and got pissed off.


What would happen to character like Nick or Warrick if Xander got pissed off on Greg's behalf (CSI Las Vegas)

Or if he say how the members of Team Gibbs treated Tony (NCIS)

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