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Bunny [Set any time up to Joyce dying]

Sheriff Carter finding out that he is Xander father

[with Carter and Eureka possibly also being a Wizarding community like in Oh no
he didn't by josette grover]

Must Have's
1) Joyce written as being a good but flawed woman not a idol of virtue & Dawn
going into a estranged relatives care upon death eg Aaron Hotchner
2) Nathan somehow successfully shutting down or shielding the hellmouth, maybe even having the town/council/initiative shut down or rebuilt
3) ALL of the scooby's and their allies having reality & the possibilities of
real life consequences for their actions and inactions pointed out to them
4) Willow not being the smartest one in the room just academic smart next to
Sunnydale sheep standards
5) Xander being fearful of Willow learning magic considering her personality &
taking steps eg protection tattoo's....

Possible multiple secrets for Xander to have: -
= Working various jobs since he was a young child

= Studying online/night school for his GED, Degree, various certificates as well
as self defence and EMT classes
= Having a secret supportive male lover at college or outside town
= Large locked saving account outside town from years of bad guy
= Currently or previously squatted in Jesse old home living out of a dufflebag
after being disowned for standing up to his family whilst hyena possessed
= Single father to a son due to the Initiative or hyena possession
= Long term health issues due to abuse, fish taint, chumash curse, willow
magical blasts...etc
= Being a skilled empath, shaman and/or medium
= Has him collecting extensive, evidence backed up, full records on the team,
allies, local practitioners, underground population, Initiative, council and
Sunnydale as personal insurance with multiple copies in various safe places
(Corrupt, Negligent, Incompetent, Stagnant, Criminal, Unstable...etc)
= Having extensive trust issues with all the team members and allies not just
willow and buffy
= Suffering from PTSD

Any Takers :)

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Vo used the term 'explosive diarrhea' in one of her fic to describe the effect of eating Xander's cooking.

So I was thinking how long after taking a dump does the shit go BOOM?

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