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Yes it's another bunny and yes it's another baby bunnie. Can't help myself baby Xander is so CUTE!

In most of Vo's baby fic Xander is de-ages and he forgets everything (but he sometimes have nightmare or moment when he remember before become baby again) so what if when Xander is de-age he remember everything he has ever learn and then send him to his new family.

To keep him from hunting the supernatural you might send him to a different plane where his type of demons don't exist. (You might do this to Xander when he passes away after many years of hunting and explain that this is his reward) Or remove all knowledge of demons from him. At the least place wards on him to keep bad demons away.

Now you could dump Xander off on anyone but I think Horatio would be the best to become a new day. If you want you could leave Xander's ability to see all. I can see little Xander telling Speed to clean bang bang and when he won't go to Aunty Calli and whine to her until she forces Speed to do it or she does it herself

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The Challenge

= Xander Harris, Stiles Stilinski & Nick Burkhardt as close supportive cousins

= Each cousin inheriting the Grimm abilities

= Each cousin fully trained themselves & each other in self defence, the supernatural, first aid, investigation techniques, weapons, profiling, languages...etc

= Xander is either in college to become a cop or already is one like Nick

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AU Verse

Jesse = Jagerbar Or Fuchsbau {Anti Willow & Cordelia whilst being very protective of platonic soul mate Xander}

Willow & Cordelia = Rival Hexenbeist with Willow being untrained/unknowing thanks to either having a human father or neglectful/jealous/resentful parents.

Xander = Unawakened Grimm with strong talents in all aspects of the Grimm gifts 1) Mental, 2) Instinct, 3) Physical, 4) Artistic, 5) Profiling.

Ends up with Jesse dead, Xander guardian of godson AKA Jesse son{maybe even in witness protection set up in Portland}, Willow arrested for hacking and powerless, Cordelia conscripted,

Xander as the illegitimate son of either Sean Renard or Nick Burkhardt.

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