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Summary: As the sun slow grew closer tot he horizon, John Winchester walked towards his
truck, which was parked in the rest stop parking lot.

Opening the driver side door he froze as he stared at the site that greeted him.
Sitting in the passenger side of the truck was a little boy between the age of
3-4. The young boy had his arms crossed over his chest and appears to be

"I hate people who make demonic deals," The child said in a very mature tone of

"Christo," John says.

The boy doesn't react in any way to the word as he continues on more or less
talking to himself. "They always pick on my. They always want to use me as
their human sacrifice. Of course the demons they're sacrificing me to either
want mate with me, to eat me or mate with me then eat me."

John blinks a couple of time before climbing into his truck and shut the door.

"What's your name, kid," John asked.

"Xander. Xander Harris and I'm not kid," the boy answered. "And I'm not kid.
I'm 26 yr. old but someone idiot decided to use me as a human sacrifice."

John raised an eyebrow at Xander's statement. "And they need you as a kid?"

"Yeah. De-age me then sacrifice me," Xander replied. "Will admit they were
smart about their deal."

"How so," John asked.

"They wanted eternal young, health and life," Xander replied. "Most morons just
ask for immortality and they forget that they'll still grow old and sick."

John snorted. "So how did you get into my truck," he asked as he started up the

"Magic," Xander replied simply.

John's hand froze on the gear shifter. "Magic," he replied cautiously.

Xander nodded his head. "My friend is a Wicca witch and she created a pendent
for me to use when I'm in trouble that I can't get out of. It's to take me
someplace safe where I can get medical treatment if I needed. But I think she
oops again since it dumped me in your truck instead of one of the houses."


Optional: Xander's pendent actual took him to a higher plane where there are
less demons and the ones there had to take over a person's body to be able to
effect the world.

Think a stack of pancakes. The lower ones are cold and yucky while the higher
one are warm and yummy. The Buffy pancake is mid way in the stack and the
Supernatural one is higher up. In the Buffy pancake magic is like a dog which
tried to do whatever it can to please its master. In the Supernatural magic is
like a cat and it might do what you ask if it like you and if it feels like it.

If you go with the higher plane idea could you have D'Hoffryn appear and explain
that there is no way Xander can go back to his plane. You can only go higher.
Vengeance demons can't work in the Supernatural universe since they don't have
enough magic but D'Hoffryn can appear since he's a Demon Lord.
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Xander/7 Days 

In 1947 the United State's government started Project Backstep and by doing so
they developed a device that would allow one person, a chrononaut, to travel
back in time 7 days and change the future.

In 1998, LT Frank Parker was selected to become the world's first chrononaut; to
be doomed to be the only one to remember the horrors he prevented from
happening… except someone else remembers everything.

In the small town of Sunnydale, CA a young man by the name of Xander Harris
remembers everything. He remembers destruction of the White House and the
deaths of the President and Vice President. He remembers watching his friends
and himself died from the Ebola virus.

Believing that someone might have used magic on Xander in order to drive him
insane, the Scoobies try to figure out what happen.

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When Tony was 9 his father told his nanny to take Tony someplace for the summer so he would be out of the way so she took him up to his grandfather's old hunting cabin by the lake. While there Tony became friends with another boy and his baby brother, their names was Dean and Sam Winchester. It was during this summer than Tony learned that vampires were real when he witness Dean's father killing on that had be preying on the people of that area.

Before Tony left for home, Dean and him exchanged address so that they could write each other, even through both of them knew it would only be a semi regular thing; for Dean because of the traveling they had to do and for Tony because his father would never approve of such a thing.

When Tony became a police officer he started to pass along to the Winchester and a few other trusted hunters information about anything strange that they might want to investigate. His home also became a place for the Winchester to crash at when need or when they needed to be patched up without questions

While Tony never hunted the creature of the night and shadows, he did became a source of information for hunters. He once suggested that someone in Hollywood was in the know about what was out there since some of the movies did come close to the truth or exactly on the nose about some creature.

Tony has always kept the darker part of his life away from his professional side… that was until folder with the name Initiative landed on Gibbs' desk.


Not sure if this is a NCIS/Xander, NCIS/Supernatural or a NCIS/Xander/Supernatural fic. Guess that's up to whoever takes it.

Could see Tony accidentally seeing what was in the folder and saying, 'That's harmless' to a photo of a demon and Gibbs asking what he knows about these.

I can see Tony wondering if he should call his old friend Dean in on this case.


Doesn't that have to be Initiative based. Could be another case in which Tony stumbles across something Supernatural and calls in his old friends while at the same time the Scoobies or New Slayer Council comes to investigate. See a lot of toe stepping while Tony tries to avoid head slaps.

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Summary:  man with red hair climbed out of the Hummer and surveyed the land near the
Everglades only to spy a dark hair man sitting on a rock in the middle of the
area he and his team had come to investigate.

The red hair man walked towards the man. "Sir," he called out respectfully but
forcefully. "I'm afraid I have to as you leave."

The dark hair man on the rock turned to reveal a young man with one brown eye
and one green eye. "How come?" the young man asked as he hoped down from the

"This is a crime scene," the red hair man answered.

The younger man looked around the land. "Then you have come for the bodies,"
the man said.

The red hair man removed his sunglasses. "Bodies?" he said as he studied the
younger man before him. "Mister?"

"Harris. Xander Harris," the young man said happily as he held out his hand.

"Lt. Horatio Caine," the red hair man replied as he shook Harris's hand. "And
what make you think there are bodies here?"

"I was told there was. 10 of them to be exact," Harris replied.

"And who told you that?" Caine asked.

A smile bashful smile appeared on Harris's face. "Ray says you won't believe
me," he replied.

"Ray who?" Caine asked

"Your brother," Harris replied simply. "Ray says remember when you were kids….
Old lady Paracelli. How she would know exactly what you've been up to. Ray
says to tell you that I'm like that but a little different."

Caine looked at Harris in confusion and disbelief.

"Ray says she used to scare the crap out of you. That you would do whatever it
took to avoid her," Harris chuckled. "I know you don't believe me Lieutenant
but there is 10 bodies buried here and I can help you find them."

"Alright, Mr. Harris," Caine said as he slipped his sunglasses back on. "Show
me were the bodies are."


Harris planted a flag into the ground. "Little Maire. She this many," Harris
said as he held up 3 fingers. "She doesn't know her last name. Says she
knocked down daddy's beer."

Harris looks up from the place he had placed the flag towards Caine. He takes a
deep breathe before walking away. "Over here is Katherine Santee. Her husband
died in a car accident 9 months before she was murdered. She loved him more
than anything. She believed that not even death could separate them. Her
brother-in-law had other ideas. He felt that she should marry him, after all it
was his duty to protect and care for his brother's wife and therefore she should
marry him instead of wasting her life. She said no."


Xander leaned against the police car next to Detective Frank Tripp as they watch
the CSI agents uncover the remains.

"So you talk to dead people," Tripp said with a small smirk.

"Pretty much," Xander replied.

Tripp glanced over at Harris. "And how does that work for you?"

"Sucks monkey balls," Xander replied. "Ever try to take a piss when a ghost
comes up to you asking for help?"

"Can't say that ever happened," Tripp replied.

Xander snorted. "It's not fun, let me tell you."

"What will happen to them? The ghost you say you talked to?" Tripp asked.

"Most of the time they'll move on. Some hang around like Caine's brother and
Speed," Harris replied.

"Speed still around?" Tripp said in surprise.

Xander shrugs his shoulder. "Says he still has a job to do. Trying to be there
for Horatio. Ray's still around more or less for the same reason and for John
Hagen. He feels guilty for his death."

Tripp looks over at Xander, his mouth open as if to ask something but no sounds
comes out.

"People who commit suicide really do go to hell, just not he hell in the bible,"
Xander says. "For them everything that was effecting them is suddenly cleared
away and then they're forced to see what their actions have on their loved ones
and everyone else. Sometimes they get stuck following someone around like a EMS
tech. They get to watch how their death effects them. It can get pretty
nasty. Or they're stuck on one spot. Never being allowed to move from that

Can't they move on?" Tripp asked.

"In time," Xander replied. "You see that's the kick to the head. You kill
yourself then your stuck until every life you have touched as past on. Like the
toy or sock a baby kicked off… if you pick that up and give it to that the
parent, you have touched that child's life, so until that child passes on, you
can't move on. If you save the life of some kid and then that kid has children
and they tell the kids about how you saved their life, you can't pass on until
their kids are dead. And if you're written up in a book… you're screwed. No
one can remember you, you can't have effected the live of anyone, only then can
you pass on."


Ok the idea is that Xander after getting a new eye and returning home from
Africa can see and talk to the dead now and he just happens to visit Miami.
However the members of CSI Miami are affect by this and if they even believe it
is up to you.
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Xander and Dawn(who the Monks inserted as his sister since as the less noticed of the Scoobies they thought he would be assumed to be a member of minority, a 'normal', assumed to be unimportant and thus passed over as the Protector of the Key so she would be safe in anonymity) dress as two Immortal (Magical) Bankers, Lawyers and Scientists (who use Magic to help it along and to create servents to do their bidding) due to a lost bet(make up a bet) who somehow ended up more then a thousand years in the past (Xander and Dawn do have to have time to build up resources, influence, etc.) where Xander and Dawn end up creating the Goblins(Gringotts) and Wolf, Ram and Hart(Wolfram and Hart, hence Dawns inclusion due to Wolfram and Hart being a multi-dimensional, etc. business) after they combined various types of DNA that they found along with various other things throughout the years, they also found a working Stargate/Astria Porta and DHD along with a list of addresses which they replicate being able to do with Magic, thus also creating a Galaxy-wide Bank too.

They also find the real Camelot(Or any other) City-Ship at the beginning of their arrival in(to) the past, afterwhich they use it as a hidden headquarters on Earth or in the Sol System.

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The Buffy Verse where Xander was Born with the gift of Power Immunity -  User is immune to all or certain supernatural powers and effects, although indirect attacks can still effect the user

  • Ability Resilience - Immune to superpower manipulation-based attacks.

  • Elemental Immunity - Immune to element-based attacks and abilities.

  • Evil Immunity - Immune to becoming or to anything that's pure evil.

  • Fate Immunity - Immune to the forces of Causality and Fate

  • Illusion Awareness - See through illusions.

  • Life Resilience - Immune to Death Manipulation.

  • Magic Immunity - Immune to magic.
  • Panmnesia - Immune to memory manipulating abilities.

  • Paranormal Immunity - Immune to paranormal-based attacks, abilities and effects.

  • Precognitive Immunity - Can't be seen in precognitive-based abilities.

  • Psychic Shield - Immune to telepathic, empathic and mental abilities.
  • Reality Anchoring - Immune to reality manipulation-based abilities.

  • Seduction Immunity - Immune to seductive love, lust and sex-based abilities.

  • Semi-Immortality - Immune to aging-based abilities.

  • Shapeshifting Awareness - See through a shapeshifters disguise.
  • Soul Anchoring - Immune to Soul-affecting powers.

  • Temporal Protection - Immune to alterations of the timeline changing.
  • Temporal Immunity - Immune to temporal-based powers

  • How much different would everything be? Would Xander still be as close to Willow if he wasn't as effected by the Hellmouth and didn't constantly forget/ignore the deaths & various strangness? How would Willow react when every spell she decides to cast on her Xander toy failed? What if it allowed him to save a would have been forgotten little brother, that he loved & protected unconditionly, by allowing him to see past Illusions/shapeshifting abilities...etc of his would be killer?

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A group of peaceful demons approach Pastor Jim and explain that their Seer foreseen the end of the world. They explain how will happen to a Hunter, Xander, in Sunnydale, which will lead to the end of days (figure Xander did something that cause it or Buffy or Willow's action will lead to his sacrifice.) The only way to stop what has been foreseen is to have Xander leave Sunnydale and never return.

Now the demons had approached Xander and explain everything to him and of course he agrees to leave but shortly after that he forgets about it and goes on with his life. The demons that were sent to explain everything discover that there is a spell on Xander to keep him in town or to force him to return if he leaves on his own.

The demons had approached Giles and Buffy but were dismissed since Xander is a nobody.

In desperation the demons decide to approach Pastor Jim in the hope he can arrange Xander's kidnapping and to be held until the spell can be removed since they can not kidnap Xander or kill him.

Pastor Jim contacts another Seers and confirms what the demons told him, now he just has to decide which Hunters he's send to the mouth of Hell to kidnap a kid and hold him hostage.

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Xander sucks up spirits like a kid sucks up jellybeans (He always leaves the black ones behind)

Dean sold his soul in order to bring his brother back to life. He died a year later and his soul went to Hell.

Xander walked into Hell to stop the First Evil… And when he walked out he wasn't alone.

Xander sucked up Dean's soul and carried him out of Hell and now he's stuck with Dean being a back seat driver. In order to shut Dean up and maybe find a way to free Dean, Xander hunts down Dean's brother Sam.


Xander sits down in the booth across from Sam. "Hi Sammy," he said.

"Do I know you," Sam asks cautiously.

"No, but your brother does," Xander replied before turning to the waitress. "Burger, extra onions and what type of pies do you have?"

"We have cherry, apple, lemon and chocolate," the waitress replied.

"Mmmm… cherry," Xander said as if it was the most delicious thing in the world.

"That will be right up," the waitress said before walking away.

"My brother," Sam said with a steely look. "My brother is dead."

"Yeah I know," Xander said. "He also say you better not have scratched the paint, bitch."

Sam leaned back. "Cristo."

"Won't work after all he's a spirit not a demon," Xander said. "Beside I don't think that will work on me considering where I'm from."

"Here you are sugar," The waitress said as she put Xander's order in from of him. "Let me know if you need anything. "

Thank you," Xander said before taking a big bite out of the burger. "I hate onions but Dean makes me order them. Of course I make him listen to country music."


"Here, drink," Bobby Singer order as he held out a glass of water to Xander.

Xander took the glass and drank the water. "Ah… Methodists. Nice after taste."

Sam looked at Xander then at Bobby and then back at Xander. "You can tell what religion the holy water had?"

"You can't?" Xander replied. "Catholic tend to be a bit bitter. Methodist has a sweet taste to it. Protestants has a bite."

Bobby and Sam stared at Xander in shock "And Dean can't believe you bought that."



You can have Dawn traveling with Xander in order to escape all the 'special girls'. Could have her sneeze up Dean a new body.

If you can figure out a way to get Dean a new body you could make it a Xander/Dean fic. Could make them soulmate and that why Dean was attracted to where Xander was for the battle

If you want it can be a Xander/Sam fic with Dean wondering if it's incest if the spirit of your dead brother shares the body with your lover

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Summary: All over the world, if they had indoor plumbing, people have prayed to the
porcelain god.

So what would happen in one day in Sunnydale the porcelain god became real? And
he's really tired of all the sh*t he's been getting?
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Summary: While on this Post Graduation trip Xander Harris was arrested. The judge at the
trial gives Xander a choice, join the military or go to jail. Of course if
Xander is kicked out of the military he has to go to jail for the full sentence.

Someplace else in the good old US of A Dean Winchester is give the same choice
from another judge.

Sometime during their stint in the military both Xander and Dean are assigned to
Cheyenne Mountain Military Base. Eventual they meet in at the local Pagan
supply store but they don't realize they're both hunters until the meet on a
hunt locally.

Xander and Dean decide to share an apartment together so that they had someone
to watch their back and so they didn't have to hide the other side of their

One day while at the base Xander and Dean has to deal with something not exactly
from Earth (whether it's supernatural or alien is up to you but personally I
like them de-snaking someone). Of course they are found out and have to explain

Now they're not exactly believed when they say that demons, vampires and
werewolf existed but after a visit to the local demon bar the members of SG-1
are firm believers.
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