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The Challenge

= Xander as a natural born witch from a powerful but dormant bloodline who gets his powers activated or enhanced after he becomes Luke Skywalker for the night

= Possible 2 or 3 Powers Being either Telepathy, Empathy, Telekinesis, Levitation, Hyper Speed or Premonitions with enhanced Agility 

= Personality can either be a blending of luke and xander, a result of luke influence on him before he fully fades out or a reaction to whats happened particularly if he has telepathy and heres things he shouldn't have from so called allies >  Much more Proactive, Cautious, Self Reliant, Down To Earth, Open-Minded, Practical, Calm, Maverick, Mature, Compassionate, Secure, Honest, No BS, Perceptive, Wise, Responsible, Strategic, Self Aware...

= Results in quite a lot of conflict from the others as they don't like change percieving it as a threat to their own status as well as because it forces them to look beyond the surface and confront some harsh unwelcomed truths

= Also results in some positive changes among the students outcasts such as jonathan, amy, michael, tucker, andrew... which leads them to leading fullfilling, informed and educated lives off the hellmouth

= Xander ends up working either in the military as a pilot or in law enforcement after working hard to make up for sunnydale stagnancy 

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Summary: Tony has had the plague (SWAK)

Xander has had malaria, smallpox and syphilis (Pangs) and whatever he caught
while searching for Slayers (if set after Season 7) (Assuming Riley reported
back to what he learns to the government)

Add in one mad scientist who learn about our heroes and decide he needs them for
his research

So now it's up to the Scoobies and NCIS to the rescue… expect that the Scoobies
think that Xander is pouting someplace because he's the normal one and Gibbs
team is on down time and think Tony is out 'playing'

So our heroes do the only thing they can do… torment their kidnappers
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Most of the Star Wars/Xander fics I find have Xander being a Jedi, Jedi in training or a Seth Lord but is there any fics in which Xander is just Xander or the One Who Sees All?

Xander could be a smuggler in training with Han Solo. Or a gambler with Lando. Jabba/Yoda could find Xander amusing/drive him insane.

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