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Summary: The first year Xander woke from his curse he is meet by the priest he had saved
and had everything explained to him. He explained how Xander had been turned
to stone/crystal and how he is freed only for 3 days per year. He explained how
the cure for the curse has been lost and that even the destruction of his body
when he was in his frozen form would not free him. He also reminded Xander that
suicide was a sin and that live with the curse was better than eternity in hell.

During the second year, the priest realized that some of the comments Xander had
made in passing had some true. So when Xander awoke the next time the priest
made careful notes of what Xander said. During the following year the priest
make note of which one of Xander's comment came true, which one had not and
which one had yet come to pass. Sometime the priest would tell hunters of
problem areas and how to handle them

When Xander a woke for the third time the priest explain to Xander what he had
discovered and he had commented that Xander's foretelling was not part of the
curse but something else. Being the White Knight he was born to be, Xander
started to write down everything that popped in to his mind, know full well that
anything could save the life of a fellow hunter or even the world.

Just as the curse was consuming him for another year, Xander said two words,
'Hunter. Winchester.' The priest having heard of the hunting family named
Winchester summons them for the next time Xander awake. Perhaps the Winchester
clan will have the answer to freeing Xander from the curse or to end it all


Xander ages as normal during the curse, meaning that he ages 1 year for each
Xander ages slower during the curse. He could only age 3 days per year or maybe
a few months at a time.

Xander does not have to turn into stone or crytal. He could turn into other
material like wood, glass or metal
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Wish demons gain power from those that wish to them. And only those of Earth realm can be heard and answered. This is the One Rule known to all.

The one thing wish demons never admitted to is this: 'Only those IN Earth Realm can be heard and answered.' Why would they care if humans and other beings mistranslated?

Where it becomes somewhat important is when One Being not from earth makes a wish while ON Earth, never knowing or realizing someone heard him that gained the power to answer from that wish. As sarcastic The One Being was at the time he pronounced those words:

"I only wish the one-eyed fool had been able to really love me as the child I was, because his kind of 'affection' is what made me the monster I am." Ice gripped Loki's heart at admitting this one truth to the brother that once again flaunted their 'father's love' as a reason to come back to their home world.

Loki never said which 'one-eyed fool' he meant. And as the wish could only be answered on Earth.... and as there were so many one-eyed people on it and none of them was Odin.... well, the wish demon over lost childhood could only choose to the best of his ability. And he knew the perfect one-eyed person for Loki. The one being that would love baby Loki and teach him having duties doesn't mean abandoning those you love in its favor.

The one-eyed white knight. The one who sees. Why! Alexander Harris of course! Please, call him Xander as he prefers.

A) Xander will adore little Loki and little Loki, not remembering his past, will feel linked to him and learn to love him.

B)The link could be because of how Janus, god of Chaos, favors Xander.

C) you can either have the scoobies be presents and good (or bad) or have Xander needing a change of life from his once friends (yes, I do love bashing when Xander has to begin a new life far from them all).

(if you don't want D see E) > D) The avengers and Thor in particular have to come in the picture sometime. Please don't make life difficult to little Loki because of them or if you do, make sure Xander protect him above all (I so want a story where Loki is given a second chance at happiness).

E) if you don't want th avengers to appear... I can't wait to see what you will want to make of Xander's and Loki's family life ^^

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