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Ok I need to past this bunnie along before I start crying.

OK somehow Xander and Angel's soul has switched places and it can't be undone. (See this post grad and before Angel and Queen C get together)

Now Angel has a new Xander suit and he can be with Slutty... I mean Buffy. He can walk under the sun and grow old with Buffy now.

Of course Xander is now wearing the Angel suit and is now forced to watch his body walk with Buffy, hold Buffy and kiss Buffy; everything he once dreamed of doing with her.

As usual everyone expect for Spike ignore Xander, they're too wrapped up in the happiness that is Angel and Buffy.

In the end Xander travels to the east coast, to Miami to escape from his friends. One day he decides to watch the sun rise one last time.

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On the Earth date of July 16, 2004 the first people to walk the halls Atlantis arrived in this nearly forgotten city. As they explored the city the found nothing but deserted rooms and labs but they were overlooking one simple thing. You see they weren't alone.

Spying one the men and women from Earth was a lone man. His brown hair was long and in desperate need of a cut; his clothing were nearly thread bare from use but it was his eyes that was the most tailing. His brown eyes would track each and every person who past his hiding spot, judging them, seeing if they were real or his imagination.


Sometime before the First Evil, Xander is transported to Atlantis with no way to return home. He is left to figure out a way to survive in the city alone. Since he had the ATA gene is able to move around the city and use what he could.

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