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What is Xander was one of the Y.E.D. choosen children? What if when Xander was 6 months Xander's parents took him to see Grandma? What if one the night 6 months after his birth, Xander's parents went on a date/seeing friends while Grandma baby sat? What if there was a fire in the nursey and Grandma died but Xander survived only to return to Sunnydale with his parents?

Now 22 yrs later Xander has been kidnapped by the Y.E.D. and brought to Cold Oak to fight the other children for the title of General. But the thing the Y.E.D. didn't know was that his 'spell' on Xander was wrapped by the energy of the Hellmouth. And another thing that the Y.E.D. didn't know... it's not a good thing to piss off Xander.

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