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Xander Winchester

Xander as a half brother or twin

1. Gets adopted by Hunter Caleb whilst age 15/16 & post Acathla or Graduation after meeting during some Sunnydale Cache raiding – Caleb helps him get a better grounding in self defence, supernatural, weapons, first aid... as well as heal from his family & friends abuse & neglect until he finds Caleb body and his Birth dad on the phone.

2. The Gang shunning him after he's forced to kill his possessed step-dad in self defence since despite being possessed he was still human & with a soul – afterwards his big brother Dean comes into town as his emergency contact whilst the gang expect Xander to crawl back to them begging for forgiveness, finds out everything that's happened, thoroughly kicks the Scooby gangs asses and then takes his brother under his wing without John knowledge whilst Sam is at Stanford{side affect could be they stopped in to see Sam & secretly de-possess his friend and put up full protections}

3. Xander bailing on the Gang after realizing at the very least how much they take advantage of him and ends up hunting alone across America until he meets the rest of his family one of three ways 1) at shotgun point in the middle of a hunt, 2) singing & playing guitar on the street, or 3) hitchhiking – side note could be Xander meeting Faith whilst on the Road and once realizing where she's going and the reason why gives a thorough heads up on sunnydale & the gang

4. Xander de-aged by willow to become more of a yes man, gets sent to his unknown to the gang, brother Sam, whilst he's at Stanford and is eventually cured by brotherly love/acceptance, Bobby or Pastor Jim

5. Teen Xander being forced to take care of his suicidal and alcohol addicted [already has issues thanks to the Harris's] half brother Sam after Dean Deal comes due whilst also struggling with keeping Ruby away from them and dealing with a sudden diagnosis of cancer

6. The hospital calling Sam at Stanford saying Xander in a bad way and Sam learning what it truly means to be the big brother whilst Xander heals = could be due to cancer, suicide attempt, returning from hell, bad hunt...etc

7. Xander as Sam twin that was stolen at birth and reunited age 16 after he'd been hunting for two years on the hellmouth & the Acathla incident – ends up going to Stanford with Sam to protect him whilst secretly keeping up with the protections, hunting on the side, working part time in a gunshop, keeping in touch with Dean & Bobby, De-possessing Brady, finding a hunter boyfriend...etc

8. Xander getting legal guardianship of half brother Adam after his mom dies and together with Xander boyfriend whose another trained hunter & Jack O'Neill clone sets out to help stop the Apocalypse whilst working out of their own home base that has enough rooms/beds for them, Dean, Sam, John, & their uncle Clay{loosers}

In each bunny the brothers each have a ring that is warded against being taken off, unwilling teleportation, physical & spiritual possessions, harmful/malicious & shoddy magicks, tracking, impersonation, mental & emotional compulsion/influence & tampering, unwilling magical & psionic bonds...

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= Xander as a Natural Born Witch or Practitioner-Progenitor

= Natural conflict within the gang

= Xander ending up with a character from outside Sunnydale either OC or Crossover Male or Female

= Additional Crossovers through a supportive and accepting relative of Xander who knows about magic and maybe has some themselves{Stargate, Eureka, Criminal Minds, CSI...etc}

= Comprehensive Book Of Shadows providing the full Magical-Paranormal-Supernatural lowdown of Gods, Angels, Demons, Vampires, Shifters, Fay, Monsters, Creatures, Dead, Spirits, Psychics, Hunters, Weapons, Magic Users, Magic, Protections, Natural Remedies, Prophecies, Events, Folk Tales, Artifacts, Locations, Odds & Ends...

= Positive changes to Cannon Characters/Events

  1. Xander is de-aged & sent back in time to be adopted by Mark & Helen Matthews along with Paige, Tara & other male characters who was abused{maybe from another crossover such as Spencer Reid, Greg Sanders, Ryan Wolfe, Harry Potter...}, thanks to Willow addictions – leads them to being much more stable & loved as well as powerful ethical natural born witches with their own individualized & comprehensive Book of Shadows thanks to attending magic school after normal school – also leads them to fullfilling careers that help others such as teacher, cop, csi, firefighter, social worker, doctor...etc

  2. Xander ends up in a loving, supportive, honest, stable, down to earth, fun relationship with Cole Turner without any of the angst, expectations, issues, demands and issues that characterized all their previous romantic & platonic relationships – both still continue fighting the bad guys but are not consumed by it all & Xander gets the thorough training & witch heritage he was previously denied thanks to the Harris & Scooby Gang – eventually leads them to adopting a son or two who are magical as well as renewing old friendships after providing the Halliwells & Scooby gang with some harsh wake up calls

  3. Xander with the powerful ability of Premonitions however due to his anger-grief & hate at the death of his platonic soul mate Jesse as well as the fact that his gift didn't warn him and therefore allow him to save him, his gift becomes practically dormant, only coming out in time of great need subconsciously – Giles as an actual mature, responsible and perceptive adult noticing Xander problems and either helps him himself or gets him the help he needs to overcome the trauma of Jesse death and Staking as well as curb his other self destructive behavior e.g. Cordelia, Parents, School..etc in the form of Leo Wyatt – Side benefit is the fact that all the other practitioners of Sunnydale getting either the help needed to learn the craft responsibly, ethically & efficiently or getting permanently vanquished/bound

  4. Thanks to positive Elder interference, Ethan Rayne comes to Sunnydale & opens a costume shop early – leads to Xander heritage waking up & permanently gaining the magical abilities of Divination, Molecular Acceleration/Combustion & Agilty as well as the learned abilities of Theft, Martial Arts, Languages, Weapons...when he goes as Gambit – later willow tries to take him to task for the so called 'fake' magic and demonic knowledge as it works differently between practitioners and natural borns and between the hellmouth and most of the world

  5. Xander as a strong Empath who recieves his gift with the start of puberty & gets help from Jesse before he dies to control his gift however since his death he's constantly walking the thin line of emotional overload though it does lead him to making friends with the other outcasts preventing a number of issues & distancing himself from the other Scoobies even as he still patrols as he can feel Willow indifference, Buffy self absorption/shallowness & Giles disdain though with Giles he could be misreading the motivation behind the disdain

  6. Xander as the first in a completely new magical bloodline & the distant nephew of Leo Wyatt who throws a fit when he finds out = leads to him calling in favours from his other charges that help him get at the very least custody of his nephew & in so doing draws attention to sunnydale numerous issues

  7. Xander as the special charge of new whitelighter Patricia Halliwell – leads to a powerful, knowledgeable, experienced, thorough, protective, discreet & down to earth coven to safeguard the towns true innocents from both the nightlife & the daylife

  8. Xander as half Mortal/Half Whitelighter thanks to his birth father{not Leo} - giving him the possible abilities of Scrying, Spell Casting, Potion Making, Orbing, Hovering, Glamouring, Healing, Photokinesis{paticularly useful against vampires}, Thermokinesis, Mind Manipulation, Sensing, Cloaking, Omnilingualism, High Resistance, Reconstitution, Regeneration... 

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