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Time adjusted. Post Buffy series. Harry Potter Book 5

(Sorry don't have my Harry Potter book on me so the scene might not be exactly right)

Harry and Dudley were walking along an alley on the way back to their home at #4 Privet Drive when they meet up with a man a few years older than they were. The most interesting thing about the man was that he was wearing an eye patch.

"Boys," the man said as a greeting. "Out kind of late, ain't ya."

"What business is it to you," Dudley said in a snide tone of voice.

The young man smirked. "Just saying it's late. Being out late isn't always a good thing."

"Thanks for the advice," Harry said as he grabbed hold of Dudley's arm and pulled him towards home. "We're heading home anyways."

 Dudley pulled his arm out of Harry's hand. "You can!" he snapped. "But I ain't listening to any damn Yank."

Harry was about to say something when he suddenly notices that it air had gotten colder and it seems more dark and gloomy. "Dudley," Harry said, his tone of voice carrying an unspoken warning.

The man and Dudley turned to Harry.

"Something coming," the man said and then as if my magic a battle ax appeared in his hands. "You boys better run home right now."

But before either boy could react, they were attacked.

Harry watched in horror as two Dementors attack the man, his cousin and himself. He struggled to grasp his wand as the Dementor latches his mouth onto the young man's lips and started to suck the soul out of him.

Suddenly the Dementor, who was sucking the soul out of the American, back off with a cry of angst. The young man dropped to his knees coughing and hacking.

"Damn thing taste like the chicken Buffy cooked last time," the man said to himself as he picked up this battle ax.

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What if Xander dressed up as youngish Charles Xavier for Halloween instead of a Soldier and he kept not only the very useful memories but the gift of Telepathy as well? Particularly if Xander thanks to the way he's grown up unconciously & constantly scans those around him for threats - hearing & finding out things he shouldn't > leading Xander to proactively taking care of various threats in sunnydale much more quietly, efficiently and effectively including the teams various attitudes as well as providing some necessary perspective for Xander with regards to his life and himself

Possibile Crossovers

1) {CHARMED} Xander finds out that he's a Natural Born Witch with Halloween just breaking through the binding, that was placed by the Elders due to his parents continuous addictions, and possibly adding another active power = gets the support/help of the Elders/whitelighters as he learns of his heritage, controls his gifts and handles sunnydale/gang > later on could move to San Francisco and form an alliance with the Charmed ones and some others in keeping San Fran safe and each other grounded in reality

1.5) Xander as just a natural Telepath, though thanks to where he was born and how he got/activated his powers still gains Elders/whitelighters support as he learns to control his gifts and handle sunnydale/the gang = later on he could also be the one to help support Leo supporting the Charmed ones and getting their heads out of their asses as needed

Added bonus if Xander and Paige become best friends, helping each other heal and supporting each other against unreasonable sisters/friends that have constant trouble accepting them as they are and not zeppo/replacement instead of friend/sister.

2) {SUPERNATURAL} Xander as one of Azazel children with his gifts coming out sooner thanks to Halloween - leads to him heading several things off

3) {SENTINAL with further possible crossovers in SGC or CSI if sentinals/guides are known} Xander as a powerful guide qualities become more telepathic in nature

4) {X-Men Evolution Or X Men The Movies} Xander as the Psychic son of the real Charles Xavier who with his own Telepathy senses that something has happened, investigates it, fixes it and then fosters/adopts Xander.

Must Not Have:- Xander telepathically powerful enough to read more than a small city

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In (enter year), a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem...if no one else can help...and if you can find them...maybe you can hire...The A- Team

A family who's daughter has been kidnapped turns to the A-Team for help when law enforcement can't or won't help them.

They tell the A-Team that before their daughter vanished they had been approached by a one-eyed man who tried to convince them to send the girl to his school.  He claimed that their daughter was special.  They refused and later she vanished.


Possible options:

The girl did run away to the Slayer school when he parents said no.

The girl did run away but did so to save her life since her parents believe she's possessed or have made a pack to gian her super strength or magic.

The girl was kidnapped by some unknown, possible demon or military

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"Tony, you're 2 o'clock appointment is waiting upstairs," Pepper said as she tapped her foot impatiently.

"Reschedule it," Tony said as he dismisses it as important.

Pepper sighs wearily. "You're already rescheduling it three times," she said.

Tony made some distracted noise in response to Pepper's comment.

"I guess I'll have to take him out to dinner and dancing then," Pepper said as she turned around and walked towards the door.

"Have fun," Tony replied as he work on his latest design. Suddenly he stopped what he was doing. "What… wait! Pepper wait!"

Pepper stopped and half turned towards Tony. "Hmmmm?"

"Dinner and dancing?" Tony said as he put down his tools.

Pepper nodded her head. "Mr. Harris, for some reason thought you would reschedule once again so he made me a bet. If you did I had to go to dinner and dancing with him."

"And if I didn't?" Tony asked as he wiped his greasy hands off on a rag.

A smile knowing smile appeared on Pepper's face. "Then I could choice what I wanted."

"Like what?" Tony asked as he followed out the door and into the elevator.

"Anything I want," Pepper purred.

Tony blinked a couple of time in surprise at Pepper's word. "Who is Mr. Harris again?"

"He works for IWC and he's here to talk about designing new body armor for their employees," Pepper stated as she hand Tony his suit jacket...

"IWC?" Tony said as he put the jacket on.

"They're an organization that had been known to work with a number of governments across the world," Pepper explained. "They also have their hand in archaeological expeditions, computer programming, non lethal weapon design…"

"Non lethal weapons?" Tony interrupted.

"Garlic bombs," Pepper replied.

"Oh yeah," Tony said as the elevator stopped. "And they want to talk to me about body armor?"

"They say the current body armor on the market is too bulking and ineffective," Pepper answered.

"Then they should be using our body armor," Tony said with a roll of his eyes.

"They are talking about our body armor," Pepper answered as she opened the office door. "Mr. Harris, I'm sorry to say that I won't be joining you for dinner and dancing tonight."

A tall young man with brown hair and a patch over one eye turning towards Pepper and Tony Stark. "I'm sorry to see that Ms Potts but I can see you won the bet," the man replied. "Perhaps we can discuss your winning over dinner tonight?"

"Ms Potts won't be available tonight," Tony said as he put himself between Pepper and this modern day pirate want to be. "She's busy. She's also busy tomorrow night too. And the day after that. And the day after that too."

Pepper and Harris shared a smirk over Tony's reaction.

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"H!" Erie called out as he hurried toward Horatio.

"Yes, Erie?" Horatio Caine said as he turned to his CSI agent.

"I have the blood work from the kidnapping," Erie said as he handed Caine the folder he was carrying.

Caine opened the folder and read the report. "Interesting."

"Yeah. I ran the blood work a second time once I saw the results," Erie said.


"Yeah. How could Speed's blood be at the crime scene?" Erie said.

"That's something I intend to find out."


Somehow Speed has been sent back as a child and ended up in Xander's protection (Either he was cloned by the military or some crazed scientist or sent back to Earth because he was such a pain to whoever was in charge)

Now while in Miami, Xander and little Speed are kidnapped by either some supernatural element, military/government bad guys or for an unusual change just some common everyday bad guy (Hey they could think they could collect a ransom since Xander is on the board of an international charity. They're sure the place will cough up some money for him and his brat)

What happens next is up to you

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Summary: In one of my previous bunnie I gifted Xander with a new name, the Demon's Angel.
Born in the mouth of Hell, walked in Hell with impunity and now he walked in the
city of...

To gain wealth and fame the parents of Anthony "Tony" D. DiNozzo. JR offered up
their newborn son to the cult of the Demon's Angel so that when the Demon's
Angel appears on Earth, Tony would be his consort.

The DiNozzo raised Tony to be proper consort however as he grew older he stared
to rebel and demand to do thing that were not proper for one such as he.

When Tony was 12 the government raided the cult and sent most of the members to
prison. Left with a son that was now useless for him DiNozzo Senior ships Tony
out to a number boarding schools and summer camps.

Fast forward to today, Tony is now working in NCIS as Gibbs' senior agent when a
member of the cult approaches Tony and tells him that the Demon's Angel now walk
the Earth and he should prepare himself for his mate.

Having grown up with the knowledge that he was the Demon's Angel's consort, Tony
is upset that a being he believed to be a myth is walking the Earth and coming
for him. Of course Tony's discomfort is noticed by Gibbs who forces Tony to
tell him everything.

That night Tony vanishes…


How everything plays out would be up to anyone who takes this fic. I can see it
going Tony/Xander, Tony/Gibbs or Xander/Tony/Gibbs
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The police have become interested in a small group that had moved into their fair town. Now normally the police won't take interest in anyone who moved into the town but this group is different.

First off the group is comprised most of young beautiful girls who are in they're mid-teens to early twenties. Next is a couple young geeky boys; the type of boys who would be found going to D&D gaming or sci-fi/fantasy conventions. These boys would be the ones lusting after the beautiful girls and never hanging around them like they do in this group. And finally there is Xander Harris. Somehow this one eyes man control the girls and geeky boys.

Fearing that this group might be some danger cult they try to slip a spy among them only to have them turned around. When they try to question the members of the cult they are met by silence and lawyers.


Ok it was more of a idea than a bunnie. Not really sure what universe you could cross it with. The Sentinel? Criminal Minds?

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Summary: Xander Harris is gay and has finally came out to his friends but instead of
expecting him with open arms like they did with Willow they decide to 'cure'
him. And one way they did that was by raping him (yes women can rape men)

So after 'curing' him they tell him it's like being in AA that he needs support
and if he starts to slide back they'll be there for him, which means in Xander
mind that they will rape him again.

So Xander follows the train that was give Soldier Boy in case he had been ever
capture by the enemy; do what they tell you to do within reason, tell them
nothing and when give the chance escape. So Xander pretends to be cure, even
dated Anya for a bit until his friends had dropped their guard then he ran as
far away from them as he could get.

Xander start a new life of the East coast (New York City, DC area or Miami) but
he fears his 'friends' will come after him to drag him back and 'cure' him again
so he keeps to himself.

Now one day someone sees Xander and he catches their interest. The person
decides to see if Xander is interested in return but Xander is freaked out. At
first the person thinks Xander is homophobic but after a bit they realize it's
something else. So they decide to gain his friendship first and slowly drag out
of Xander why he freaked.

Slowly the person learns what happens and decides to help Xander recover. But
what will happen when Xander's past comes knock on his door once again?
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I have no clue how my boss and me got on this conversation but he was telling me about an old esp of JAG that he rewatched last night in which on of the characters went into labor and then everything decended into insanity until the Admiral stepped in and delievered the baby.

 Of course this bunnie hopped in and suggest that Xander should deliever a baby.

Who's baby is it? Is it Abby from NCIS? Or Alexx from CSI Miami?

How old is Xander? Is it the young Xander who probably faint, post graduation Xander will probably faint later or post Africa Xander with a 'been there done that' attitude

What if it's a breech or a blue baby?

What if Gibbs or Caine rush in thinking that Xander is a bad guy and is hurting thier ladies

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I really hate bunnies that wake you up in the middle of the night.

Time adjusted bunnie for this to work.

Sirius Black has died and now the title of head of household must past to the eldest male member of the family that fit the family motto, Always Pure.

But what the world has forgotten was that the Black family was never a dark family but a family that did what was ever was necessary for the realm. They're family motto was not about the Pure of Blood but Pure of Duty, of Soul (I just woke up and not thinking straight but I know someone pulled something off about this before)

So now it is time for the new head to be choice. Draco is not an option becasue he's not Pure enough. Also on the list is Alexander Harris but unfortuately he is too young even if the fits the family motto perfectly. So the new head of the Black family is Tony DiNozzo.

Can't see Gibbs being to pleased when Tony has to start dealing with family matters.

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We assumed that when Ethane did his magic on the Halloween costume that the soul or personality of the person who was wearing it was shoved into the background and the character came forward but what if that isn't exactly what happened?

What if soul/personality of the character and the soul/personality of the wear were switched? So while Soldier Boy finds himself on the streets of Sunnydale, Xander finds hismelf wherever the soldier came from.

Options: This would be more interesting if Xander was able to get his hands on some other type of costume.

For example Batman: In Sunnydale Batman is now fighting vampires, thieves and mosnters while in the Batcave the Bat Clan is trying to figure out what to do with the person who is now possessing Batman's body.

Or how about Wolverine: Imagine Wolverine running around Sunnydale and poor Xander suddenly finding himself in the Danger Room.

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Harris - ex-special forces now makes his fortune as a problem solver. You have a problem, he's solve it for the right price. He is reported to be a little under 6-ft talk with brown hair and eyes. It's said he's a man without a conscious and only care about his bank account. While no know photo of Harris, it is said that Harris looks younger than his years much like Michael J Fox does.

While on his post graduation trip (or post I almost married her trip) Xander traveled much farther than Oxnard, actual he made it to the East Coast. After checking into a hotel he is approached by some 'gentlemen' who want to hire him to solve some of their problems.

Now Xander is a lot smarter than most people give him credit for, so he tells that 'gentlemen' that he will consider the job after he had a chance to scoop out the 'problem' which really means he'll go and talk to the target, who happens to be in law enforcement.

Together Xander and his target plot out how to take the 'gentlemen' down.

Possible options (You do not have to follow):

1) Can be set in any series but can you imagine Xander going up to Caine or Gibbs and saying "I've been offered $100,000 to kill you."

2) You might want to have Harris the assassin/problem solve arrives in town and have him find out someone is using 'his' name.

3) The target is not the usual character. Instead of have the target Caine or Gibbs have the target be Alexx or Abby.

4) Instead of ordering the death of someone Harris has been ordered to injured someone enough that they have to retire from law enforcement. This would be a good one for Tony. His father has ordered him injured so that he has to fall back on a more respectful form of employment even is it's being a college professor.

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Setting: Post Initiative

Team Gibbs has been sent to Sunnydale to investigate the death of a number of Marines. Since Gibbs more or less bleed, sweat and thinks as a Marine some of the demons of the team thinks that Team Gibbs is start of Initiative 2.0. So in order to stop this mistake from happening again they capture the team and drag them to Willy's.

Willy takes one look at Team Gibbs and decides that he better call someone in before someone doesn't something stupid and bring trouble down on all of them. He has a demon go and ask Xander to come to the bar.

Xander has always had to ability to 'see' the truth about someone and while the girls and Giles have ingored Xander and his ability the demon community has not.

When Xander arrives at the bar, Willy puts him to work questioning the prisoners about who they are and exactly why they're in Sunnydale.


Options (Not required): I will admit I am not a fan of Ziva so if at all possible would someone write it so that she was there to collect Dr Walsh's work for use by her own government while using the investigation as a cover. Getting Dr Walsh's work is more important that anything else and Ziva is order to break her cover if necessary. If you don't want to use this part of the idea, that ok too.

Another option is for Gibbs to find out that Xander is his son or Tony to discover his baby half-brother.

Slash is always a welcomed option.

Also Gibbs recruiting Xander for his team and Xander telling the girls off.

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This fic can be sit in any of the CSI series or even in NCIS if you can swing it.

Every demon know that the most dangerous being in the world is not another demon but Willow Rosenburg. They also knew that the only person in the world who can control her is Xander Harris. So a number of demons clans and individuals have laid protections spell on him.

While travel from one case to another the plane Xander was on crashed. There was only one surviver and he was unharmed, not even a scratch.

Immediately the press and the police latched on to Xander and they delved into his past. They soon learned he was a surviver of the graduation explosion and the sinking of Sunnydale.

The press labeled him the Luckiest Man on Earth. While other start to call him the Harbinger of Death and Destruction and call for his death before he lead to most death.

Meanwhile the CSI teams are trying to figure out what brought down the plane and why Xander lived. While trying to prevent/arrest anyone who tries to kill Xander.

(If you go with NCIS, I would assign the team to protect him)

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I have to admit coming up with an original mermaid bunnie is not easy! But I think I did it.

One thing I forgot to mention in this bunnie is that Xander is a Navy Seal. After graduation he left Sunnydale for the Navy


"Which one of you did it?" Abby demanded as she stormed into the pit. "Which one of you screwed up the evidence?"

"What are you talking about Abby?" McGee asked tentatively.

"I'm talking about which one of you had shark for lunch or dinner or whatever," Abby spouted, "before collected evidence for the Harris case. All the blood evidence is contaminated with it."

"What type of shark?" Tony asked as he studied something on his computer screen

"Mako," Abby answered. "And some other types of fish, not that any of that matters since one of you mess up the evidence."

"None of us did," Tony said. "It turns out that our good Sgt. Harris was experimented on when in high school. Seems as if the swim coach wanted a winning season so he exposed the swim team to fish DNA including that of Mako shark."

Everyone looked at DiNozzo in surprised but Abby summed it up best when she exclaimed, "No way!" before rushing over to Tony's desk and pushing him out of the way so she could read the screen. "That is so cool and so wrong," she babbled as she ready the computer files. "This must mean that whoever attack Harris must have been on the swim team with him. Maybe someone who was exposed more than he had been since their blood had a higher amount of fish DNA than Harris."

"Then get me a list of who was on that swim team," Gibbs ordered.

"What about Harris's family," Ziva asked her leg in a cast. "They might be able to tell us something."

"No go on that," Tony chimed in. "In Harris's file he has listen that under no circumstance was anyone to contract his family."

"Anti-military?" McGee asked.

Tony shook his head. "More like bad parents," Tony said before adding on softly. "Worst than mine."

Gibbs shoots DiNozzo a concern look having heard his soft-spoken comment.

"Boss, we got a hit," McGee said. "I was able to find a member of the swim team living in the area."

"That was fast, probie," Tony said.

"I was able to narrow the search of military personal by using the criteria of Sunnydale and swim team," McGee explain.

"Get on with it McGee," Gibbs growled.

"Yes, boss," McGee said quickly. "SGT. Thomson, Marine Corp was on the Sunnydale Swim Team with Harris."

"Location?" Gibbs snapped.

"Right, boss," McGee said as he hurriedly wrote down Thomson's home address and handed it over.

"DiNozzo with me. McGee find me the rest of that swim team. Ziva find what you can that town," Gibbs said as he walked towards the elevator.


"Thomson?" Gibbs called out to the man who was spraying down his car, a bucket of soapy water at his feet.

"Yeah?" Thomason replied as he turned off the hose.

"Special Agent Gibbs," Gibbs said as he held up his badge. With a nod of his head towards Tony, he added in, "DiNozzo."

Thomason nodded his head as a greeting, his confusion evident on his face. "So what can I do for NCIS this morning?"

"Do you recognize this man?" Gibbs demanded as he held up a photo of Sgt. Harris.

"Xander," Thomason said in disbelief as he took the photo from Gibbs' hands. "Xander Harris. Never expect him to go Navy. So what happened to him?" Thomason handed back the photo to Gibbs.

"What make you think something happened? " DiNozzo asked.

"NCIS shows up at my door asking about a man I haven't see since graduation," Thomason replied. "Something had to happened to him. Xander was too much of a good guy to hurt someone who didn't deserve it."

"Harris was attacked some time yesterday night," Gibbs replied. "We're trying to find who did it."

"He ok?" Thomason asked.

"The doctors are hopeful," DiNozzo replied.

"Good. That's good. Xander's one of the good guys," Thomason said. "So what does this have to do with me? I mean I haven't see Xander in years."

"Some of the evidence we collected pointed that Harris' assailant might have been a member of the Sunnydale swim team," Gibbs said as he watch Thomason carefully.

"The swim team," Thomason echoes back the words as he licked his lips nervously. "Where… where was Xander attacked at?"

Gibbs' eyes narrowed. "On the beach."

Thomason looked towards the East towards the ocean. He then looked up and down the street. Swallowing nervously he said, "I think we better that this inside."

Gibbs nodded his head and allowed Thomason to lead the way. As soon as Thomason was in the door he hurried to a closet and pulled out a gun case. Opening the case Thomason pulled out the gun, loaded it before tucking in to the back of his pants.

Taking a deep breath, Thomason turned to the agents. "Want a drink?" he asked.

"No thank you," Gibbs replied as DiNozzo shook his head.

"Ok," Thomason replied before getting a glass and pour himself two fingers of an amber colored liquid, which he immediately gulped down before pouring himself another two fingers of the liquid.

"I used to love the ocean," Thomason said. "Used to love swimming and surfing. The whole team loved it but that was before Coach Marin. Now I can't go in it anymore, not know what's out there. Hell whenever we're assign to sea, I'm always inside. The only time I see the sky is when we're at port"

"And what is out there?" Gibbs asked.

"The unlucky ones," Thomason said taking a sip from his glass. "Me, Xan, the others you guys are probably looking up… we're the lucky one. Not you could tell us that well we were have a total blood transfers or when the doctors told us we could never have kids. That will either be shooting blanks or the kid would never develop correctly. Most of us got snipped the next day. Couldn't take a change that one of us would have a child like the unlucky ones."

"The unlucky ones?" Gibbs said, leaning forward as if to put pressure on Thomason to tell him everything.

"Not everyone got the same number of doses from the Coach. The ones who had some talent, who with the right training could have gone all the way… they received more doses from the Couch," Thomason explained. "They're the unlucky ones."

"And where are this unlucky ones?" Gibbs demanded. Thomason nodded his head in the direction of the ocean. "Out there someplace. They escape to the ocean after eating the Coach."

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Any parent or anyone who has babysat a small child can tell you that small children seem to have the ability to teleport from the last place you saw them right into something they shouldn't be in.

So I was think what if Xander was de-aged and then blessed with the ability to teleport. How would his new parents react to this?

For example if you cross teleporting Xander with one of the StarGate series someone's reaction might be "That's new" then go one with their life

Supernatural - "It's he demonic?" "Where's the holy water?"

NCIS - Gibbs would glare at the Xander then Xander would disappear and Gibbs would tell Tony to find him. Abby would say "That is so COOL!" Ducky would say "That reminds me of a time..."

Not sure how CSI Miami or other CSI series would react.

Please no Charmed since they're already used to teleporting babies


Some follow up ideas...

As babies become toddlers they learn how to do things by themselves like how to take their clothes and diapers off. (We had to duct tape my nephew's diaper on him since he kept taking it off)

So of course when Xander made a stinky diaper he would take it off and leave it behind. And for some odd reason Xander would leave the stinky diaper in the office of someone who doesn't like his daddy like Stetler (CSI Miami) or Kinsey (SG-1)


Now Vo I know you love to write multi-crossover just like we love to read them, so I was thinking you could make Xander have multi-daddies which he can teleport to. Figure start with Stargate (please make it Jack) that way they can say anything he does is classify and blame Loki for Xander. And then you have have a multi number of 'mother' maybe a Caine/Gibbs/DiNozzo mix?

Can you image Caine reaction to find Xander in his Hummer? Or Gibbs finding a baby under his boat?

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The Bermuda Triangle boundary is made up of 3 points, San Juan, Puerto Rico and... Miami.

So into your mixing bowl added in one Xander Harris, one character of CSI Miami (I perfer Caine for my mix) and finally add in the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Mix well. Bake in a 350 degree overn for 20 minutes. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

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Xander has been call to face a close season of Congress so that he could explain what happened in Sunnydale (either Initiative or the First Evil)  However one Congressman refused to believe anything Xander said and actual verbally attacked him. 

In frustration Xander called upon D'Hoffryn to prove that demons exist. 

One to never let opportunity pass him by, D'Hoffryn offers Xander one free question. 

Xander’s wish – that all leaders in the world would be honest. 

While Xander meant was that all the world leaders including religious leader be honest what he gets is that anyone who leads from Presidents and Kings, to religious leaders and CEO down to mayors and school board leaders are honest. 

Janus is getting high off the chaos thanks to his favorite child.

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'"Should any official/unofficial/know/unknown section(s) of any Government(s)/Kingdoms/Sovereignty/etc. in the World(s) employ and/or support in any way (political/financial/ect.) a group/section/project/lab/ect. that promotes/exemplifies/personifies/enforces/engages in anything/anyway similar to the Nazi's DRI, Demon Research Initiative Project(the predecesser on BtVS(atleast I think so, there's too many fanfics out there that say it, so I sometimes get canon and fanon mixed up) of the Initiative Project that was run by the Nazi's.)) shall Surrender any and all Power (Diplomatic/Political/Financial/Name/Royal/Mundane/Magical/Technological/Corporation(Wolfram and Hart)/Company/Religious/Supernatural/Demonic/Terrestrial/Extra-Terrestrial/Independent/Intra-Terrestrial/In-Realm/Out-of-Realm/Sub-terrestrial/Ect.-Terrestrial/In-Planet/Of-Planet/Out-Planet/etc.)*they had a Seer help with the writing of the Law/Amendment/Whatever you want to call it.*)) to the Person(s)/Group(s)/Organization(s)/etc. to personally take down the Project/ect."'

-All Technology must be moved up to the current year.
-Their Halloween costumes have to be different from the show, they must be suitible to their Roles in all of the canon seasons(Examples: Slayer-Unification Spell at the end of the canon Fourth season in the takedown of the Initiative, Xander-One-Who-Sees, etc...)
-As many crossovers as you want:
*Naruto, Harry Potter, Ranma 1/2(?), Oh My Goddess! -OR- Xena: Warrior Princess/Herucles(For the purposes of this, there was no Twilight of the Gods'/Goddess' or anything like that.) -OR- Percy Jackson series, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Highlander, Sailor Moon(For comedic purposes. Imagine their reactions to no Crystal Tokyo. Come on, can you see the Scoobies allowing that to happen to the world?), Tenchi Muyo(I like Washuu in fanfics and the potential tech she could create.) etc...

-The Royal Family of the United Kingdom(There's gotta be someone to show them the ropes/process/ect to running an Empire. If you can work in a way to save Princess Diana, extra bonus points.)
-Switzerland(I figure there should be atleast -one- country that didn't do/try it. And I can't think of any others at the moment.)

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In fics in which Buffy learns about the 'Lie' she reacts badly and attacks Xander. The result of this attack is often Xander leaving Sunnydale to make his own life.

Now I was thinking why doesn't the Watcher Council even come to town to deal with Buffy. I mean they were going to put Faith on trial and then re-educate her before sending her off on a mission that will probably kill her for accidentally killing a human in the middle of a battle, so what would they do to Buffy for purposely trying to kill a human who's action saved the world?

Depending when the truth comes out you could have Wesley, Major Wilkins or someone else informs the Council.

And then you'll have to deal with Xander? Would the other Scoobies blame Xander for the council coming after Buffy? Would the Council try to make amends to Xander for what Buffy did?

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What if Initiative has decide to make LJ Gibbs and Xander Harris a daughter? She would have Gibbs's eyes and Harris's hair. Xander's pout and Gibbs' steely glare.

But it's not the daughter that the world should fear but the fathers as they argue out how they're going to raise her and how they work together to anyone who threatens a single hair on her head.

I can see demons posting guards upon her so they don't have to worry about the fathers ending the world


With his weapon pointed at the brutish looking demon before him, Gibbs growled, "What are you doing here?"

The demon licked his lips nervously. "Sir," the demon said respectfully. "I've been ordered by the High Council to guard and protect your daughter at all cost, sir."

"Why?" Gibbs snapped.

"Sir. The High Council is afraid that if anything ever happens to her that you and her other father would destroy the world," the demon replied.

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Xander has been poisoned and is dying. The only cure is a potion that is made up of certain parts from men who are like Xander; those who do what is necessary to protect other.

Willow has been able to narrow down which men they need to collect parts from and where they are at but the problem is she doesn't know what parts need to be collected from which man.

So the Slayers are sent out to collect each of the chosen men and bring them back to Cleveland so that Willow can study each man and collect what she needs from them.

Of course there will some unexpected side effects from the potion.

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