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= During High School Xander, thanks to his association with Buffy, gets approached by a powerful, good, capable & realistic group to help take down several long term Bads such as the Watcher Council, Sunnydale itself, the Initiative...etc by becoming a successful supernatural version of a undercover cop with his own handler/contact and in return he gets full independence from the Harris's, protection, good education/training & medical care after extensive examining, support, a decent side paycheck & once done a new life


Possible crossovers or multiple crossovers as well as new bosses for Xander can be

> Eureka with Nathan Stark as a leader of a peaceful supernatural community as well as a scientific one

> Stargate with Jack O'Neill as leader of Homeworld Security protecting the world from aliens, supernaturals & idiotic humans

> Charmed with the Elders or at least a subgroup of Elders who are much more realistic, proactive, interactive & not Halliwell obsessed

> Hercules/Xena with the Greek gods taking serious objection to what the powers that be are doing & allowing thanks to pettiness, negligence, indifference..

> Sentinel where Sentinels & Guides are known and accepted in society, they have their own organization that sets out to help & protect Sentinels, Guides & Mundanes alike that also unknown to the Mundanes deal with the various supernatural threats

> Dresden Files and the White Council

> SHEILD with Coulson as his contact, later on forms a strong friendship with Tony Stark

> AU NCIS LA/CSI/Mag7/Numb3rs Verse where the Supernatural world is known about at least to them if not the general public

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