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Disclaimer: I do not own, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate, nor Lord of the Rings

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate SG1, and Lord of the Rings Crossover Challenge:

The Halloween episode happened in the Third season, instead of the Second.

Where Buffy and the others(Willow, Xander, Oz, Cordelia, Giles, Jenny, Angel, Faith, Drusilla, Wesley,(More people can be used too)) are dressed as the Valar of Middle Earth and keep the skills, memories, and powers, or, they are the reincarnated versions of the Valar.

Xander, instead of just being "Donut Boy" and "the Zeppo" he secretly goes to train at a Martial Arts facility in the town. He goes as Manwe.

Oz is still dating Willow, along with Tara(it can be made a Threesome for anyone who wants to, if you decide to do the Fifth season)

Drusilla is actually pretending to be crazy, but kept her soul because it was needed and also because she saw what would happen to them on Halloween, or whenever who writes this decides to put it.

Darla can also be put in there too, if you want, but, she has to be Good.

In the versions they are going as or are turned into or reincarnated into, the story of Middle Earth, the Silmarillion and the War of the Ring accually happened but was sent to the future in the form of ideas, it was just that Melkor(Morgoth) was redeemed when he secrificed himself when all of the other Valars' lives were threatened due to them accidentally unleashing something more powerful then all of them to contain the threat, but enough for them to make it incorporeal(you could even make the threat the First Evil), thereby proving that he was still Good. The Maiar didn't like that, so they used their combined might and powers to put the Valar in either a deep sleep, or killed them, believing them to have been corrupted by the "evil" of Morgoth, in a moment of weakness while they were recovering from the fight and from them mourning the now dead but redeemed and Good in their eyes Melkor. The Maiar then eliminated or erased the memory of the method of anyone who could have gotten the Valar back. (Like Chaos Magic or the Vengeance Demons).

The Powers That Be are the corrupted Maiar, from having been in charge of everything for so long.

The Powers That Be can also have a hand in why the Ascended Ancients have the 'No interference in the Lower Planes' rule. With the whole, Power corrupts if you start to interfere too much thing.

(Side Note: I think because the Valar didn't go all out insane with the power they held, was because they were created to handle it.)

Mandos and Vair didn't get put to sleep because he was safe in the Halls of his Domain(No one but Him has the power to penetrate the Halls of Mandos, his wife included), and also because, who else would send the Dead to their final resting place but him?

It can also be made for anywhere in the Fifth or Seventh season, and, bringing in a Vengeance Demon for a 'Wish', and include Gunn, Fred, and Lorne.

It can also be combined with Stargate SG-1, for anyone who wants to do that.

For whoever is writing this challenge: Please send me an inbox when the first chapter is out/posted.

This challenge can also be made by however many people want to, no limit.

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