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The New Watcher Council was a bit surprised when the representatives of the British, American, French and German government appear on their doorway with their hat in their hand asking for help.

It turns out that during World War 2 there was a German POW camp call Stalag 13, which was run by the Luftwaffe. When the Allied forces when to free Stalag 13 they found that they could not enter the camp nor could the POW or the German soldiers see them but the people outside the camp can see them.

For years, scientists work on figuring out what is happening to the people in the camp and a way to free them with little success. However they have notice one thing and that is not of the people in the camp have aged. 60 years after the war the men in the camp appear to be the same age and in the same general health as during the war.

Figuring the camp is in a temporal node, the Scoobies go to camp in the hope of freeing the people trapped inside.

As usual Xander does the impossible and somehow able to pass through the barrier. Of course he's immediately captured by the Germans and through into barracks that house Colonel Hogan.

So now Xander has to convince the POW, who think he's a German spy, that it's the 21st century and that German have lost the war and that they're all trapped in a temporal node and he needs their help to end it so they can all escape.


Request - After temporal node is finished please send in modern military forces to secure the camp. Would love to see their face see the modern equipment and females in combat/leadership roles

For those who are too young (damn I'm getting old) to know who or what Hogan's Heroes is please see...'s_Heroes

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Summary: Xander walked into the old firehouse. "Hello?" he calls out.

"Back here," a female voice with a strong New York accent.

"Right," Xander said to himself as he walked father into the old building, pass
an old style ambulance which was painted red and white with the Ghostbuster
symbol on it.

"Hi," Xander said as found a woman with short brown hair and over-sized glasses
sitting behind a desk. "I have a 2 o'clock appointment with Dr Spengler."

"Of course. They're waiting on you," the woman answered.

"Umm so where do I go?" Xander asked as he looked around for the man he was to

"Upstairs," the woman said with a nod of her head towards the stairs. "But I
won't go up there right now."

"Okay," Xander said slowly.




A green ghost flew down the stairs clutching something in it's hands and 4 men
in jumpstair ran after him.


The ghost blow a raspberry at the men as he flew along happily.

See that the ghost will pass close to him Xander step into it's flight path.
Simer stopped a few feet from Xander and stared at him. Xander stared at the
ghost with a look that has graced the faces of every single parent throught out
history; the look that told the child that they're in deep shit.

"Is that your?" Xander said in a firm voice.

Slimer looked down at the object in his hand then back at Xander. He slowly
shook his head.

"Should you have it?" Xander asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"No," Slimer replied soflty

Xander sighed. "Then give it back and apologize. After you do that go stand in
the corner for 30 minutes."

Slimer nodded his head before turning back to the Ghosterbuster. He flow over
to Egon and held out the object.

Egon took the object from the little ghost. Slimer started for the corner as he
was order to.

"Did you forget something," Xander said.

Slimer turned to Xander for a moment and then towards the Ghostbuster. "Sorry."
And with that he floated over to the corner to do his punishment.


Ok idea behind this is that ghost are afraid of/must obey Xander for any of the following possiblies...

* Xander is a Shaman
* Xander is a Hellmouth baby and therefore reads as something not to fuck with
* Xander is a medium and could suck up a spirit if he wants to
* Slimer know he's a demon hunter and can force him over tot he other side
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Summary: The gang were gathered in the Magic Box witht eh except of Xander who was still
at work and Spike, who had yet to arrive when a old man entered the store.

"Can I help you spend your money?" Anya said cheerfully.

"I'm not here to buy anything, child but to trade," the old man replied.

"Trade?" Giles said as he adjusted his glasses.

The old man nodded his head. "Yes, I'm a Tinker."

Anya squealed as she bounced in place.

"A Tinker?" Dawn asked.

"He's a trading demon," Anya explained. "They trade things we don't need any
more for stuff we do."

"What's the catch?" Buffy asked as she eyes the demon with a mix of concern and

"No catch," the Tinker replied. "You give me things you don't want or value and
I give you what you need."

"What type of things?" Willow asked.

The Tinker shrugs his shoulder. "I never know until I've had the trade."

"The Tinker's magic decides what you're trading and what you'll get," Anya
explained. "And it's not like the magic I had when I was a Justice Demon.
They're no draw back. It's away an even trade."

"And no one gets hurt?" Buffy asks.

"No one gets hurt," the Tinker promised. "Just take my hand..." the demon
offered Buffy his hand.

Buffy looked at the demon for a moment before taking his hand.

The demon released Buffy's hand and then reached into a messanger bag he had
hanging from his shoulder. He pulled out a small bottle which he offers to

"This potion will turn you true love from a vampire into a human with all the
ablities of a vampire. He would be like a male SLayer," the Tinker explained.

"Angel," Buffy whispered as she grasps the bottle.

"Me next," WIllow said excitely as she stepped up and held out her hand to the

The Tinker grasps her hand. "Go to the back door," he ordered.

Willow looked at the Tinker before hurrying to the backdoor and opening it.
"TARA!" she exclaimed.

"Good Lord," Giles exclaimed. "You can bring the dead back?"

"Only if they wish to return to living,"the Tinker replied.

"My turn," Anya said firmly.

After releasing Anya's hand the Tinker pulled out a scroll from the messenger
bag and offered it to Anya. "While I can not return your job as Justice Demon
over Scorned Women, I can offer you the job of Justice Demon over Lost Loves."

Anya squealed as she accepted the scroll.

"And you, sir, would you care to trade?" The Tinker asks as he held out his hand
to Giles.

Giles adjust his glasses as he looked at his Slayer, Anya and Willow with the
returned Tara before accepting the demon's hand.

The front door opened, "English, are you here?" Jenny Calendar walked into the

"And last is you child," the Tinker said to Dawn

Dawn looked at the demon. "And now one gets hurt, right. This is a good
thing," she asks.

"A very few regret their trade as time past. Most are happy with what they
recieve," the Tinker answered as he held out his hand.

Dawn chewed on her bottom lip for a moment before accepting the demon's hand.

"Dawn, Buffy, What do you want for dinner tonight," Joyce Summer called out to
her daughters.

"Mommy!" Dawn exclaimed as she ran to her mother.

While the defenders of Sunnydale where busy the Tinker left the store.

It was only much later that they realized that Xander never showed up at the
Magic Box after work had ended for the day.


Buffy traded Xander's loyality
Willow traded Xander's friendship
Anya traded Xander's love
Giles traded Xander's strength
Dawn traded Xander's comfort.

It will be up the whoever take this bunnie to decide who the Tinker will trade
Xander too.
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Those of the magic world have forgot a very important lesson and that Magic is sentient being. Now on average Magic doesn't care about the little beings who run around using her for their own benefit but every few thousands years Magic feels the need to pull a prank.

The last time Magic pull a prank she left the water running in a small island called Atlantis and we all know what happened to that.

This time Magic decides to listen to all the women of the world… this time it will be the males who get pregnant but only if they are of magic blood.

So all across the world men are learning what's it like to bare children. And it's not just homosexual male either. Long time loving couple like Molly and Arthur Weasley are finding out what it's like when the husband is the one carrying the child.

This bunnie is not limit nor does it have to be set in the to Harry Potter universe. We could have Giles pregnant with Miss Calendar or Mrs Summer's child. Or Xander with Anya's child or one of his many male lovers Vo keeps hooking him up with.

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Summary: I recently read 'A Tangled Web' by victoriantealady

The story is about Team Gibbs with the exception of Gibbs and Ducky turning Tony
and not trusting him when some nasty emails go around from his email address.
They believe the evidence instead of trusting their guts becasue their feeling
get hurt from the emails. (This is first story in the series)

Anyways while I was reading this my thoughts where that Tony needs a visit from
a Justice Demon one who especialize in victims or those betrayed.

So if a Justice Demon was called what do you think would be the fate of those
who betrayed Tony?

McGee - I can see being sued by the family of the victim he base his stories on.
I know there is literary license but McGee worked on the case he wrote about and
only changed the names could the family sue? Could the members of NCIS sue
since he based the characters off of them?

Abby - she knowingly endanger a member of NCIS by making that false picture of
Tony with another guy and then sending it by email.
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Summary: Ok I have no clue about what anyone can do with this bunnie but it's a demanding
little thing so I'm posting it.

The Whipping Boy - a young boy who was raised with a prince or other young
nobleman and whipped for the latter's misdeeds. The idea that they noble would
behave if their friend were the one punished for their actions

Set before or after Darth Willow

In order to control Willow's magic use it was decided that the whipping boy
curse needed to be cast. It was also decided that Xander would be Willow's
whipping boy whether or not he agreed to it.

Now if it was set before Willow went Darth Willow, I can see Willow
'accidentally' making everyone forget about it. Of course every time Willow
used magic selfishly Xander is punished some how. Everyone except Willow is
confused about why this is happening to Xander. Finally they figure out hat
he's curse but instead of linking it to Willow and her magic use they think it
connect to the Hellmouth or something Xander is doing there. Giles sends Xander
away from Sunnydale in the hope of saving him from the curse. Eventual Xander
meets up with the Winchesters….

If it's post Darth Willow… Willow finds a spell that she things will give her a
little Xander on her shoulder to tell her right from wrong. (Think an angel and
devil on your shoulder) With Buffy help, Willow cast the spell only to learn
later that she has made Xander into her whipping boy.
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Xander was at some point during High School made into a whitelighter ordered to safeguard the Hellmouth with a thorough grounding in everything he needs to know thanks to a necessary mental download which gets translated into his own comprehensive key locked journal providing the full in-depth lowdown of the Supernatural/Magical/Paranormal Good, Bad & Neutral

Possible charges include the Scooby Gang who he's becoming increasingly disallusioned with, Amy, Wells Brothers, Michael, Jonathan, Tara, Faith... very few of which actually find out he's a whitelighter{not Buffy/Dawn/Willow}, however despite that still manages to effect great positive changes which sidestep later issues

 Eventually Xander falls in love with & marries Chris Halliwell

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Can anyone who has read the Girl Genius webcomic  really say that Tony Stark isn't a high functioning Spark? 

If so, does that Steve Rogers a Stark family Jaeger?

Maybe we finally know what happened to Agatha's uncle/father.


Sorry about the font. I couldn't get the italics to turn off.


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Xander and Paige being raised together in secret by Sam Wilder with Xander either being Sam adopted son or Paige's twin. Together they get a thorough grounding in History-Mythology, Magic, Old Ways, Supernatural, Demonic, Paranormal, Self Defence, Strategy, First Aid, Physical Training, People Reading, Investigation, Tracking, Home Security, Weapons, Life Skills, Ethics, Personal Responsibility... as Sam realizes that whilst he can't keep their heritage from them he can teach them everything he knows to keep them as safe as possible. 

Each build a thorough, practical, systematic & individual Book of Shadows with its own protections, learn extra skills such as Divination, Astral Projection, Aura Reading, Agility as well as Fully Harness their natural non active witch skills - spells, potions, rituals, scrying & mediumship.

Both meet the charmed ones and Leo whilst Sam is dying.

Whilst Paige is more Whitelighter than Witch, Xander is more Witch than Whitelighter if they are twins.

Bonus Points - for one or both of them using photokinesis defensively & offensively during Battle

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