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Don't know if something along these lines has been tried before... but how about a cross over featuring Nathan Fillion (actor), Malcolm Reynolds (FireFly), Rick Castle (fictional author), Bill Purdy (Fillion's character in the scifi movie Slither) & Caleb (BtVS evil eye-poking-out guy). Meets Buffy Summers, Daphne, Sarah Michelle Gellar and some of her other movie characters... Or any of the BtVS cast and their alter ego's from other films

Would especially like to see Rick Castle or Bill Purdy meet Xander. They'd either hate each or be best buds in a heartbeat...

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Tony DiNozzo had a phote of Kate as the 1994 wet t-shirt winner and was teasing her with it. In revenge she email him a photo she had doctored (with or without help) which showed Tony with another man. (Wish I could find that photo)

So I was thinking what if the other man in the photo was Xander (possible a promo photo from when he was stripping) And what if during a case Team Gibbs meet Xander

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