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I came up with a new title for Xander, the Demon's Angel. Born in the mouth of Hell. walked in Hell with impunity and now he walked in the city of...


Horatio Caine was talking to one of his co-workers when an uniformed officer came up to him.

"Excuse me, Lt.," the officer said, "but they need you in interrogation, sir."

Caine removes his sunglasses and looked at the officer. "Do you know why?" he asked.

The officer shook his head. "No, sir," he replied. "I was just told to find you and tell you the message."

Caine slips his sunglasses back on. "Then it looks like I'm heading for interrogation."

Caine walks in to interrogation where Detective Tripp is questioning a young man.

"Frank?" Horatio says simply.

Detective Tripp nods towards a chair before turning back to the young man before him. "I want you to tell Lt Caine here exactly what you told me."

"I've come to confess all of my crimes," the young man said nervously.

"And what crimes are those?" Caine ask.

The young man quickly list off a list of unsolved crimes.

Once the young man was done confessing, Lt. Caine said, "I'm curious. Why are you now confessing to these crimes on your own?'

"The Demon's Angel has come to Miami," the young man stated as he crossed himself. "I thought I could throw myself of the mercy of the court and the church before he came to him to drag me to Hell with him."

"The Demon's Angel?" Caine said.

The young man nods his head. "They say he was born in the mouth of Hell. That he walked in Hell with impunity and now he walks in the street of Miami. They say he's come to collect the wicked and protect the innocent. You might be the protector of Miami, Lt. Caine but even you can not stand up to him. No one can. All anyone can do is pray for mercy."

"Interesting," Caine said with a thoughtful look.

Detective Tripp waves for an uniformed officer to take the young man down to booking and holding.

"What do you think?" Tripp said was the young man was gone. "Vigilante?"

"Possible," Caine said, "but I would like to get more information first."


Horatio, in shock, holds Speed as the younger man is dying. In rush Xander to save the day and Speed's life. In comes the EMS responders to take Speed to the hospital leaving a dazed Caine behind. Xander touches Caine's face to see if Horatio should go to the hospital too for shock, marking Horatio with blood.

As usual Xander slips away when everything claims down since as usual no one can a guy who's like an overgrown puppy as a hero.

Now when Caine snaps out of his shock he wants to know who the person was that save Speed and his involvement in the case so he has his people review the security tapes.

The problem Xander was wearing an amulet that Willow gave him which makes any recorded image of his face blurry so when they review the tape the find a person with a blurry face and maybe 2 glowing green eyes. Have someone in another room laugh evily which is carried through the air ducts to where they're reviewing the tape just as Xander had looked up at the camera... and watch them run!

Of course Horatio's friends are now worry about him since Demon's Angel has now marked him in blood

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Don't know if something along these lines has been tried before... but how about a cross over featuring Nathan Fillion (actor), Malcolm Reynolds (FireFly), Rick Castle (fictional author), Bill Purdy (Fillion's character in the scifi movie Slither) & Caleb (BtVS evil eye-poking-out guy). Meets Buffy Summers, Daphne, Sarah Michelle Gellar and some of her other movie characters... Or any of the BtVS cast and their alter ego's from other films

Would especially like to see Rick Castle or Bill Purdy meet Xander. They'd either hate each or be best buds in a heartbeat...

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Tony DiNozzo had a phote of Kate as the 1994 wet t-shirt winner and was teasing her with it. In revenge she email him a photo she had doctored (with or without help) which showed Tony with another man. (Wish I could find that photo)

So I was thinking what if the other man in the photo was Xander (possible a promo photo from when he was stripping) And what if during a case Team Gibbs meet Xander

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