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Reviewer: danu40k (Signed) · Date: 2023.09.10 03:58 pm · On: EOW: End Of World (AU Addams Family Crossover)

Horrible thought, Calvin is adoptid and he's the cousin of the Addams with Hobbs his spirit animal.



Author's Response: Yep~ Calvin is a Addams cousin but I always pictured Hobbs as being his Pooka or possible Calvin being Hobbs pet lol. (Legend has it that a Pooka, who likes to live in mountains and other similar areas, has the main characteristics of many animals. They usually take any form that pleases them however. Pookas are benign yet mischievous creatures. A Pooka is one of the most feared creatures in the history of Irish folklore)

Reviewer: danu40k (Signed) · Date: 2023.09.10 03:54 pm · On: A Day in the Life of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




Reviewer: danu40k (Signed) · Date: 2023.09.10 03:52 pm · On: Inquisition (AU Harry Potter Crossover)

Me? Why I'm just Methos.


Liked this one.



Author's Response: ? I was actually thinking of that originally but with a lot of fanfiction having Harry as the Master of Death lol. I felt like Joe Black was a better fit, however hummmm~ nothing says that there has to be only one version of Death.

Reviewer: danu40k (Signed) · Date: 2023.09.10 02:43 pm · On: Tangled Web (Ship of the Line BTVS)

There is a Halo WiP over on tth with something like this you might like. Has Xander as the Master Chief and rescuing Faith and her Watcher when Kakitoes goes after them, after he gets back and goes on from there.



Author's Response: Thank you I will check it out.

Reviewer: danu40k (Signed) · Date: 2023.09.10 02:38 pm · On: Consequences (BTVS)

AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Cliffie! I hate cliffies! Please continue this.



Author's Response: ?? I actually have a couple of other drabbles that could fall into this universe. They would need to be reworked a bit and we will see what happens.

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