Imagine: The List
Fic posted by members of Vo's Imaginings YahooGroup
Reviewer: DennSedai (Signed) · Date: 2009.12.15 02:47 am · On: Chapter 1

*stares, shudders, whimpers* Oh damn but that was evil.

Reviewer: zoolooney (Signed) · Date: 2009.12.13 04:33 am · On: Chapter 1

...well, if you're destined for hell then I am happily following along.


Honestly? I really found this amusing!

Reviewer: erik (Signed) · Date: 2009.12.13 12:20 am · On: Chapter 1

A well written attempt to squick Christmas whenever I see a Santa Claus from now on.

Author's Response: You and Carter both.

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